According to the World Health Organisation, you should be moderately active for at least 150 minutes on a weekly basis. The same recommendations come from the American Heart Association, while some even say that you will benefit the most from 300 minutes per week.

Activities like hiking, fast walking, jogging, aerobics, pilates, yoga and weight lifting are among the activities people usually choose. However, there is always a psychological barrier which is sometimes tough to overcome. If you are a shy person, or someone who lacks the self-esteem for exercising in front of others, you will have a real problem on your hands. Not only will you avoid exercise, but you will quickly fall into depression and develop anxiety because of your insecurities and regret.

But that shouldn’t be the case. Instead of going to the gym, bring the gym to your place. Even if your home is small, you can still create enough room to exercise. Depending on your budget, you can either buy professional equipment, or just the one intended for at-home workouts. Whatever the case, check out how to have a gym in your home and get rid of the excuses not to exercise. The introduction has been made. Let’s jump into action by going over what needs to be done to build your best home gym.

1. Weights over machines

Machines are expensive and take up a lot of space. You will probably need a whole room just to fit them all in. Experienced bodybuilders and weightlifters will tell you that they are not that necessary after all. What you need are weights, a bench, and dumbbells. Weights are great because you can easily disassemble them and put them away, sandbags are also an essential that cannot be ignored, so they’re perfect for small places.

Muscles are not built by the machines but through dedication and appropriate eating habits. Before you start pumping those muscles, consult a nutritionist and get a meal plan made especially for you. Also, have a check of your skeletomuscular system to see if you can lift so much weight and to get some advice on how to proceed.

2. DIY projects

You can, of course, turn to the good old DIY projects to build your perfect home gym. For example, kettlebells are great for cardio as well as strength. They should be in every home gym, but people usually avoid them because they’re pricey. But with some effort and visit to a hardware store, you can build your own. And it will even allow you to change the weights and can be easily disassembled for storage.

Sandbags are not only great to enhance endurance, but will also get you the cardio build up you need. You can make one cheaply with contractor trash bags, sand or any other filler, duct tape, rope and canvas bag.

Light hand weights are not something you should neglect. You will start building muscles with the smaller weights first. That’s when these come in handy. Use empty water bottles of all sizes and fill them up. Besides the water, you can also use rocks or sand, whatever is more convenient for you.

3. Pick your benches

If you have enough room, you can fit a whole power rack and enjoy squats, deadlifting and bench pressing. This piece of equipment can be pricey but you will have one mighty exercise set-up at home then. Visit the stores and try them out to see how they fit you. Some power racks may be too high to perform weight lifting in the sitting position.

On the other hand, if you don’t have enough space, an adjustable bench can also do the job. The great thing about it is that you can set it for incline chest and dumbbell presses. They cost less, although some of the comfortable ones may shock you with their prices. You can always move them into a corner or fit them behind the sofa when you have company.

4. Pay attention to flooring

This one is not obligatory, but if you have enough space it should be an extra bonus for your home. In fact, you will probably drop some equipment or roll it on the floor. This can damage the parquetry or laminate. Even the carpet is not safe from any sort of scratches.

Repairing the flooring can cost you more than your home gym so consider buying some foam mat squares at least for the spots where you exercise. They’re easy to wash and hide with a rug.

5. Keep the air flowing

You will be sweating a lot, but that means that you have to make sure the room is appropriately ventilated. Split air conditioner installation will take care of maintaining the temperature and avoiding the unnecessary injuries or debilitating conditions.

Maintaining the same temperature during all seasons will provide you with the optimal exercise conditions. However, whenever the circumstances allow it, practice with open windows to let the fresh air in. it’s not only healthy but can also be motivational to keep on going.

6. Don’t forget the cardio

Many consider cycling the best way to work on your cardio. Before you choose some of the devices available on the market, do some extensive research. Find out which will give you the most benefits for the offered price. Bikes are good for the high-intensity interval training and will help you improve your leg strength. Make sure that the device you buy fits your proportions as well as your needs, or you’ll end up with more than one. And whenever you have an opportunity, go outside for a jog.

7. Dress properly

Just like you would for the regular visit to the gym, at home, you will also have to dress accordingly. It’s not for fashion, but because the outfits specifically designed for exercise will protect your skeletomuscular system from injury. Good shoes and comfortable clothes will help you move freely and appropriately, as well as keep you healthy.

Final words

Never give up on your goals or let anything hinder your efforts. Excuses will only keep you dissatisfied with your body and habits. Even the smallest places can have a home gym if you put some thought and creativity into it. So don’t let anything ruin your plans for your daily dose of healthy moves and body shaping.



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