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How To Manage Weight Loss Immediately After A Vacation

Vacations derail the diet and exercise plans for the best of us. The easy-going mindset during a holiday can quickly derail your efforts to lose weight. The disruption in a healthy eating routine and a regular gym schedule can really put you behind in the efforts to lose weight, and the extra weight gained from the vacation delays the process further.

Here are some ways to get rid of that extra weight from your vacation:

Know the weight gain

The experts at Click Pharmacy strongly recommend that you calculate the number of calories and the corresponding weight gain. To determine how much weight you will gain after a few days of unhealthy eating, know that an approximate 500 calorie extra per day would lead to a pound gain every week whereas a 1000 extra calories can lead to an increase in weight of two pounds a week. Knowing the gain will help determine what weight you will need to lose.


While taking detox pills might not be the best option, the experts at Click Pharmacy suggest that you detox naturally before you start a diet. Take a break from alcohol because it will pile on the calories and one often tends to increase the intake of calories when drinking. A detox will help clear out the system making weight loss easier. Laying off alcohol for this while can improve your metabolism and decrease the level of fat and lower amounts of fat is absorbed. You can also try different detox drinks. These drinks can be easily made by adding cucumber and lemon to water, all of which are inexpensive ingredients you can find in your kitchen.

Start with your strength.

Losing weight is a combination of two things- eating healthy and exercising. For most people one of these two things is easy, but the other comes hard. For some, exercise can be easy but choosing healthy eating options can become a difficult task. However, others might prefer eating vigorous exercising.

The experts at Click Pharmacy suggest that your strength should be picked first to boost morale after weight gain during a vacation. After that, the second thing can be tried so that confidence is still high and motivation is not running low.

Set realistic expectations.

Cutting down on meals and losing weight instantly after a vacation can be difficult. Vacation eating puts your mind and body at ease, and it is hardly possible to go directly to eating clean immediately. While this may seem like the best course of action, the chances of relapsing to a poor diet are high. The best way to do deal with this is to set realistic expectations. Start slow and switch to healthy eating step by step. Start adding vegetables and pulses and decreasing the portion of unhealthy carbs to cut down on the weight gain from a vacation consistently. This also helps to boost morale and make the journey to healthy eating a lot more realistic and manageable. You can even start by eating one healthy meal a day to help you get into the routine so that your body can get used to the change, and you can also motivate yourself as well.

Don’t get frustrated

It is easy to get frustrated if you go all in at once. A crash diet will work for a short while but will be hard to maintain in the long term. Vacation weight according to our experts at Click Pharmacy can only be tackled with a self-satisfaction of having had a good break and building the determination to go back to a healthy lifestyle.

Frustration with the new changes can hamper your progress in a way that makes it incredibly challenging to manage the diet and exercise. Keeping calm and motivation yourself is a great way to keep all of this frustration at bay.

Start the change on your vacation

Remember that you have to deal with the weight gain later too so might as well start early. While it is totally encouraged to enjoy your vacation, keep two things in mind that will reduce the vacation eating guilt and keep the weight in check. You should try new cuisines and experience all the new things around you, but be mindful of the portion sizes. You don’t need to eat the entire ice cream bowl to experience it. The other thing is that while you might not be inclined to take time out for exercising from your limited vacation time, you can include more fun ways of burning some fat. Opt for trekking, dancing, or any such physically strenuous but exciting activities while on vacation.

Post-vacation detox

If you would like to take a more proactive approach to lose those extra vacation pounds, the experts at Click Pharmacy suggest a calorie/carb cycling. This plan entails strict adherence to calorie count and knowing the source of the calories.

Here’s the plan that is suggested by Click Pharmacy:

● Five days a week: A slightly restricted diet with 1500 calories per day in a 40/30/30 percent ratio of calories from carbs/protein/fat.

● Two days a week: A carbohydrate- and calorie-restricted diet with 650 calories/day with fewer than 50 grams carbs/day.

The experts at Click Pharmacy suggest that this style of eating not only shows more significant improvements in fat loss over 12 weeks, but it also leads to a more substantial increase in metabolic health. This diet plan had also proven to be an effective means of longer-term weight loss, even when the upper cap was 1900 calories per day. Other options which can be used are weight loss tablets like Alli or Xenical after consultation with your medical practitioner.

These are some ways to help you lose the weight you might have put on during a vacation immediately and forever. These methods are consistent and can be incorporated as a lifestyle change. If you use a combination of a few or all of these methods mentioned above, then you will be losing all that vacation weight in no time.

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