Trends tend to come and go, but a good rug never seems to go out of style. Even more so in recent years, as the hectic and downright stressful modern lifestyle simply begs of you to create an oasis of peace and serenity in your home – to make it cozy, relaxing, and rejuvenating.

The thing interior decorators love about rugs so much is their versatility. Actually, it is two things: versatility and affordability. While you might have thought that creating a truly serene and happy home meant investing in renovations and expensive amenities, the truth is that all you need is a good rug here and there to make it snug and cozy. Here’s how you can easily master the rug layering trend.

Take a walk on the wild side

Animals should not be hunted for their hide, or for any other reason, for that matter. Yet, not so long ago, animal hide was not only used to keep people and their homes warm during the cooler months of the year, but it was also used to decorate the interior and create an aesthetic design.

While the gruesome trend is sure to be abolished as we move towards a more humane future, there is no denying that hide rugs are excellent style accessories in any room. Luckily, faux animal hide is extremely popular, and you can easily liven up the study or the living room by layering such a distinct shape atop a natural-fiber style rug.

Pattern on pattern? Heck yes!

Layering contrasting rug designs atop each other is not a sin and in fact, when done right, it can elevate the aesthetics of any room and bring that charming, cozy feel to life. What’s more, by playing with patterns and colors, you can basically let any type of vibe you want permeate the household.

From a rustic, quaint feel, to a city pad chic style, the possibilities are endless. For this daring design choice to work, you will need a neutral foundation, and a striking accent on top. So consider a neutral-color Moroccan rug that will define the seating area, and complement it with a vibrant Turkish kilim on top, making sure the borders and tassels of the Moroccan stay visible.

Create a strong focal point

In modern interior design, everything revolves around focal points. You can create a setting that evokes any emotion you want by strategically positioning rugs in every room, yes, but you can bring the entire decor line to the next level by complementing the base with accents.

The key to accentuating certain areas in your home is to carefully choose rugs for every room, making sure each piece serves a distinct purpose. For instance, in the bathroom or the bedroom, a beautifully positioned hand-braided rug can serve as a comfy landing spot for when you step out of the shower or get up in the morning. Likewise, you can give the living room a unique flair by layering round rugs on top of a large foundation rug, just in front of the chair or beneath a coffee table. Makes quite a pretty picture, doesn’t it?

Overlap several different styles of rugs

This design trick might seem a little out there at first, but it can work wonderfully in almost every room where peace and coziness are needed. Working particularly well in a library or as an entrance to your reading nook, layering a patchwork of vintage flat-weave rugs with their edges slightly overlapping is a great way to give the room a comfortable and rustic, or even chic, vibe.

The tone of the room will be defined by the patterns and colors you choose, and you can help bring a rustic, in-touch-with-nature kind of vibe with traditional patterns, or even a glamorous, up-scale feel with solid colors.

Enrich the hallway with long rugs

Finally, there is nothing that can transform a bland foyer or hallway like a long and vibrant flat-weave rug. Forget about laying a conventional runner, and instead opt for a more colorful, unique, and comfy design. You can even take the look a step further and create a unified whole people will fall in love with as soon as they enter by placing another rug at the front door at a slightly jaunty angle, making sure that the edge overlaps with the first rug. Simple, yet highly effective.


When thinking how to imbue your home with serenity and positivity, major renovations and remodeling projects should not worry you too much. Instead, master the art of rug layering and pave the floor to a happy and beautiful home.



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