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How to Organize a Large Makeup or Product Collection in a Small Bathroom?

There’s something about finding the perfect eyeshadow color. Or that particular lipgloss that glides on just right and makes you feel unstoppable.

If you’re among the group of women who believe you can’t have too much makeup, you’re probably also suffering from a disorganized mess in your bathroom. This pile of products is hard to sift through to find the perfect color when you need it.

This article will describe a few handy ways to organize your extensive makeup collection so that you can get fancy in a flash!

How to Organize Eyeshadow 

When it comes to eyeshadow, the queen of all is the palettes. These multicolored collections can be instrumental in creating a dynamic look but can also get bulky once you have a lot.

You can organize these with file folder organizers by laying them on their side. You can stack them like books and pick the one out that you want quickly.

You can also organize eyeshadow palettes with a dish rack. Basically, the same way, simply place a palette per slot to keep them accessible. 

When it comes to eyeshadow pots, you have a couple of options to choose from. 

You can attach magnets to the back of each pot and hang a metal plate to the wall. Arrange them how you want on the metal, and now you can take off the shadow when you need it.

You can also use bead organizers to hold your eyeshadow pots if you don’t want them on the wall. Most bead organizing containers have sections that are just the right size for one or two shadows per square.

How to Organize Lipsticks

Lipsticks are awkward to organize. They don’t easily stand on end, and when you do get them arranged, if you happen to knock one over, it’s a domino effect. They will all fall, and it’s aggravating, to say the least.

Ready to keep the frustration down and stop yourself from rummaging through a bag full of mystery colors of lipstick? 

Time to use a smart storage system that allows for easy choosing of the color to match your look.

You can make a pyramid of candle jars, stacked on their side, and glued together to lay your lipsticks, lip glosses, and balms in.

If you have room in your vanity drawers, you can buy some handy acrylic organizers that fit perfectly in a drawer.

How to Organize Brushes

When applying makeup, there is a proper brush for each application. This leaves you with a bunch of brushes that need to stay clean and dry. 

How do you organize them?

One way is to act like an artist and use a roll mat with elastics or pockets to keep your brushes together. 

If you want to keep them within arms reach, you can take a glass jar and fill it with decorative rocks or glass marbles. Stick your brush handle side in the rocks, and it will keep them up straight. 

How to Organize Nail Polish

Nail polishes are bulky and can quickly take up a lot of shelf room. Instead, hold them in a deep container.

A cookie jar is a great choice, especially if it is see-through. Alternatively, you can keep your nail polish in baskets or shoe boxes covered with decorative paper. 

You can also hang a collectible display up on the wall, and instead of displaying collectibles, display your collection of nail polish. 

How to Organize Perfume

If you have more than one perfume, things can begin to get cramped. Instead of putting them up on a shelf and being boring, attractively display your bottles.

You can take a tiered spice rack, bling it up, and then use it to hold your perfumes.

A pretty tray with gold trim would be an exquisite platter to hold your perfumes. Then bump the elegance up a notch by adding a single flower in a small vase to the tray for instant glamour in your room.

How to Organize with Ikea

Ikea makes so many innovative pieces of home organization tools that you can add to transform a messy countertop into a sleek, streamlined system. If you have an organization problem, chances are Ikea has a tidy solution for it. 

This is true when it comes to makeup organization as well. Here are a few things that you can find in numerous styles at any Ikea store.

Rolling Cart

This little rolling cart is perfect to fit in small spaces but big enough to hold your entire makeup collection and — bonus! It’s super affordable. 

If you want something a little bigger, this one will do as well. 

Floating Wall Shelf

Check out this wall shelf that has the potential for so many different kinds of makeup. (And if you’re any kind of gaming fan, you’ll appreciate the design reminiscent of Donkey Kong.)

Racks For The Wall

This pegboard is versatile in so many different ways. It’s adjustable and removable so that you can change it up however and whenever you need it. 

How to Organize it All in One

If you want a one and done makeup organization system, you still have a few choices. 

Stacked Lazy Susans

You can take three different lazy susans and glue them together, stacked one on top of the other. 

You can use one level for each type of makeup. You can even add some little jars to the top level to hold smaller items. 

Invest in a Vanity with Glass Top

If you have a little money saved up and you really want the best-looking makeup storage option, you can buy a vanity that has a glass top and have it raised. 

Then you can put all your makeup under the glass and see it all as you get ready.

Drawer Organizers

Because there is so high of a demand for organization in drawers, there are whole systems that you can buy that slide right inside. 


With your makeup organized logically, you can be zen in your bathroom and get your glam on without feeling cramped. 

Long ago, you might have used a Caboodle to organize your makeup, but now you are all grown-up, and let’s be honest — it couldn’t hold your whole stash anyway! 

These organization ideas are chic and modernized, keeping your makeup storage as pretty as your face. 

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