Have you received the honor of being the best man for your relative or friend’s wedding? You’ll be taking responsibility for a lot of things, from holding the rinds, ensuring the groom is on time, and most importantly, the BUCK’S PARTY!

While one of the most fun parties, it can be stressful to plan, and quite an expensive one. But not to worry, as long as you budget and plan it right, you won’t have to spend so much and still have a ton of fun.

So read on for tips on how to plan a bucks party on a budget!

How to Plan a Bucks Party on a Budget

You’ll be surprised by how smooth it gets when planning a bucks party on a budget when you take it step by step. Because of that, follow this procedure for an easier time organizing the entire event:

  1. Set a Date and Create the Invites

Before anything else, you have to set a date to schedule everything, from the venue to catering (if needed). Unfortunately, many best men tend to overlook this or set it too late!

A good rule of thumb is to determine the official wedding date and set the buck’s party at least four weeks before the big day. That way, both the groom and his men have ample time to prepare for the wedding! It’s also best to communicate with the groom and those invited to make sure no one gets left out.

Pin around three dates that work around the majority of your invitees’ schedules. Then create the guest list by jotting down the names and emails of those invited. Once you have the guest list, send in their invites and wait for their confirmation.

For time to plan everything and receive RSVPs, plan out the party about 6-12 weeks before the event. Also, you may want to filter out the guest list and invite only the important people. This keeps you within a modest budget and you have more fun knowing the groom is with his loved ones, not someone he barely knows!

  1. Get the Groomsmen Helping Out

The best advice is to NOT plan this all by yourself! Rather, get all the groomsmen together and ask for help to organize the party. They don’t need to be topless male waiters (that’s for the hen’s parties!), they just need to lend a hand to contact and organize certain aspects of the event.

You can even check if they have any connections to venues, catering, or if they have other ideas to make the party a fun one on a budget. Coordinating with the groomsmen can also help you get a feel of the budget per person. Create a messenger group to communicate with each other efficiently.

  1. Stick to Local and One Night

What makes buck’s parties so expensive? The location!

Because a lot of the guys want to go out of town or even abroad, it creates huge damage on the budget. Rather than flying or spending tons of time and gas driving, opt to stay local instead. Use the transportation money for fancy hotels and other expenses within the area, surely there are great areas to party at!

  1. Don’t Sweat Over the Small Stuff

Another reason why you rack up a huge tab is because of all the little details! Another round of drinks, giveaways, customized invitations, personalized trinkets… This can add up to hundreds of dollars more than what you planned to spend.

To offset such costs, evaluate how much you can spend first and create a list instead of spending on things you find cool as you go. You might even want to make it a BYOB, with the guests covering for their drinks and/or food! This can save you a lot of money that can be put into transportation, entertainment, or the hotel room.

  1. Ensure Everything is Booked and Send the Details

Last but not least, make sure that you already booked everything in advance to avoid hefty fees as the date nears. The venue, transportation, among other expenses should already be taken care of, as well as the guest list.

Once you send the details, wait for the confirmation and make a budget per person once everyone’s replied.

Wrapping It Up

There’s no need to go to a whole different country to have the adventure of a lifetime for the groom. With everyone he loves and all the details set, you will all have fun without spending oodles of money! Don’t stress over it and focus more on the memories than its extravagance.

I hope this article on how to plan a bucks party on a budget gave you ideas for your own. So start planning out the memorable party the groom and your loved ones will remember now! Do you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on planning a bucks party? Do share your comments below, I’d love to read your thoughts and stories!

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