Who does not want to win a lottery and get lucky? We often hear stories of people winning and that make us want to get lucky too. Many lotteries are now legal. One such super lottery is the MegaMillions lottery, USA.

According to the source: https://lottothrill.com/mega-millions/, MegaMillions a lottery played in the US, is the biggest lottery as of date, along with Powerball. Since 1996, it was called ‘Big Game’ after which it was renamed to ‘MegaMillions’ in 2002.

Best part about this lottery? It is legalized in 47 states across America. You can buy tickets to play over the counter or play online. It applies even for Powerball.

How much is the jackpot prize?

Currently, a jackpot prize winner wins 40million dollars during a weekly draw. If there are not any jackpot winners, the prize amount keeps increasing higher as per rules.

India did not have the freedom of playing lotteries until 1967. But today, there are 13 states that have their own lottery system. Certain laws banned sale of tickets interstate. This made Indians buy tickets overseas. It is easy as they are not forbidden according to Indian laws.

Can I play Mega Millions legally from India?

A definite YES!

Lottery websites in the US have given permission to Indian citizens to take part in MegaMillions and Powerball lotteries.

You could also:

  • Visit US and play if you have time and money.
  • Play online, which is convenient and easy for those who want to avoid traveling.

How to play MegaMillions and Powerball online?

Choose numbers online via a lottery concierge service.

MegaMillions 5 numbers from 1-70 + one bonus/Mega number from 1-25.
Powerball 5 numbers from 1-59 + one bonusnumber/powerball from 1-35.


  • For MegaMillions – You can also choose a Megaplier number from 2-5 which doubles your winnings by 5times of a non-jackpot prize. You must pay a small fee for this.
  • For Powerball – You can enroll for Power Play as this adds to your bonus for each prize category. It does not apply to jackpot.

How can Indians purchase US Powerball tickets?

All you must do is visit a trustworthy website online, like LottoThrill.com to buy tickets. It is safe, convenient, and reliable. You waste no time either.

Each ticket costs 2USD. If you want to play the Megaplier number, it will cost an extra 1USD.

Payment must be in USD. You can transfer or use E-Wallet payment system.

Is it safe to play online?

It is safe and legal to play online if you do it through a reliable lottery service like LottoThrill.

Once you buy tickets, you can opt to play at the weekly draw. These happen every Wednesday and Saturday morning at 8:30am IST.

You can claim the MegaMillions prize within a 365days from the draw.

It is transferred to your account (subject to taxes).

You have the chance of playing MegaMillions in India. Search the right way to buy a ticket from USA or just by using online services.

You are eligible just like a US citizen. Play along the rules and you have equal chances of winning.

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