The United States of America (USA) is one of the major tourist destinations. As per Statista, alone in 2019 around 79.26 Million inbound international travelers visited the USA. Isn’t that a great number?

Before doing a long tour or short tour in any place, a great perception of the place is necessary. As you are visiting a new place you should know the best of it in advance so that you can manage your time as well as cover all the major attractions. For example, you love to upload your travel photos or videos to Instagram. You visited New York, USA and didn’t know about the Statue of Liberty. Isn’t that a great miss for your followers? Therefore, it is necessary to have a clear idea of the place where you are going to visit. But where to get that idea if you plan to visit the USA.

The USA is the 3rd largest country in the world having 50 states, a federal district and five major territories. Visiting every corner of the USA, exploring its beaches, mountains, tasting its local foods is an enormous job. But while you want to do a complete trip and visit the major destinations in the USA, you should not rely fully on all the information available on the biggest net ‘Internet’ because it is full of travel agents or seller’s recommendations. Some of the information available here may not be correct or may lead to an uncomfortable situation for you as they are not the real visitor. But there is some USA travel blog on which you can depend for your next planning to visit the USA as they write on curated topics, specific experience on something, real review and worthiness.

To plan your tour in the USA, I would suggest reading the Travel The Food For The Soul blog. The reason for suggesting this sole blog is-

  1. Zonewise USA Travel Guides

Travel The Food For the Soul presents an interactive map of the USA by clicking on which you can easily get an overall idea of that specific state. For example, if you click on Washington D.C. you will get information on its history, climate, geography, flight, bus, train, drive info as well as curated travel destinations, must-see places and much other info within a couple of minutes. Great, I love that feature.

  1. Blogs on the Specific Tourist Attractions

Before we go anywhere, we usually have an overall idea of which specific tourist spots we are going to visit. But overall ideas are vague and often lead us to embarrassing situations. Travel the Food For The Soul blog presents blog posts on specific major tourist attractions to keep you informed. As a result, before going there you have a clear idea, not an overall idea of the facts that should be checked.

  1. Presents Real Experience, not Sellers Recommendations

Travel agencies or sellers often rate a place or tourist attraction exaggeratedly to increase their sell that leads to false information. So, beware of believing all information from product sellers or travel agents. Travel The Food For the Soul is not a travel agency or seller of any product. So, whatever info you get will be legal, authentic and properly rated.

Final Words

The USA is a beautiful country that is worth a visit. Read the trustworthy reviews before visiting so that you do not miss anything.

Authors Bio – Shreyashi is a software engineer in the US. Along with her work schedule, she has managed to travel all the 50 States of the country and wants to pen down her experiences, journeys, and joys through her write-ups and share them with the world in her blog – Travel The Food For The Soul. You can find more details on

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