Prepare for Christmas in 2020

Christmas is such a time of the year for which we prepare several months in advance, starting from creating a guest list to finalizing the gifts, fixing the menu, etc. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing pandemic, parties or gatherings have been banned in several countries because of your own safety, hence you will have to keep it small and cosy this year. 

Nevertheless, it does not mean the preparation is going to be easy, as you have to also consider several restrictions this year for you and your family’s well-being

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for Christmas this year. 

1. Decide a Budget:

Planning a night with the family will not really eat up a lot of your budget, but you may get sentimental and spend more than necessary. Remember, as the pandemic has no set date to end, it is good to save money during such tough times, hence make a reasonable budget and stick to it to make Christmas eve fun. 

2. Shop in Advance:

Most people tend to shop just before Christmas, hence the shops will get crowded before the festival. It is better to shop in advance when the shops are relatively less crowded to stay safe.

3. Buy Gifts Online:

Pick up the gifts for your family members yourself, but online shopping is a much more preferred way of buying gifts during a pandemic, as you do not have to go out to a shop and come in contact with many other people. Online shopping will help you maintain social distancing. 

4. Click a Family Portrait:

Most people keep repeating they do not wish to remember this year. Honestly, you will want to remember this year as later on, this will remind you of how you had the courage to survive this tough time because you were surrounded by your family members and loved ones. Make sure to capture the memories by clicking a family portrait. 

5. Prep for a Small Meal:

As you will be cooking for a handful of people, you may need to cut down on dishes. This does not mean your meal needs to be boring. You can always choose a smaller bird like Chicken and try out new recipes and drinks like Christmas punch to create your own new tradition this year. The good part is that even if you goof up, it will be in front of your family members, which is ok. 

6. Use Old or DIY Decorations:

Decorate your home lavishly to get the feel of festivity, which will bring joy every day. The year has been a gloomy and tough one, hence it becomes all the more essential to put all efforts to make Christmas special. Instead of purchasing new decorations, use your old ones and if you feel you need more ornaments or decor, you can always DIY them with your family to make it more personal. 

7. Assign a Work to Each Family Member:

Make this Christmas about working together as a whole family. Allocate different tasks to different members so that everyone works towards making this Christmas as joyous as always. 

Remember, Christmas is going to be merry only if all your family members are healthy and safe, including you. Hence, if you need to exclude a few things in order to maintain social distancing, it is ok. After all, it is always better to stay safe than be sorry later. 

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