The 21st-century is about beliefs, perfection, and information. And, when it comes to the cannabis culture, there are several facets you need to make right. From rolling a joint perfectly to understanding the substance you are smoking, one needs to get accustomed to the neverending education. But, before emphasizing how to roll a cannabis blunt, let’s look at what the cannabis culture means. 


Cannabis culture is a space of a shared set of ideas, beliefs, and practices among cannabis enthusiasts. If you compare this culture to others, it is relatively detached and not delineated. However, it is nonetheless present and very much real. Initially, the psychoactive plant went through several forms of controversies until the information age changed its destiny. 

Now, this specific culture has become a significant industry of its own. But, there’s one mutual tool through which users express themselves. And that is through blunts or joints. Regardless of anyone’s habitat, everyone is familiar with the tools and accessories required to smoke strains like super silver haze


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Moreover, smoking a blunt is the most common method of consuming the plant. And, it remains one of the celebrated communal practices and pastimes for marijuana enthusiasts. Although there are several schools of ideas for smoking marijuana, one thing remains the same – rolling a joint. 

The Amount of Weed Required?


While starting, use half a gram of weed and around 1 ¼ sized OCB/rolling papers. If only two people are smoking up, this measurement won’t disappoint. Moreover, if you are commencing your cannabis practice, being on the smaller side is relatively more manageable than going all out.


For references, several prerolls you see at stores are a full gram. But, at some dispensaries or local stores, you can find a couple of packs of half-grams. Moving up the ladder requires the mastering of a preceding step. And, this goes the same for rolling papers. Once you have become good at rolling, move up to king-size rolling papers or full-gram ones to broaden the smoking circle. 


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Step-by-step Guide on Rolling An Ideal Joint


Here is a step-by-side guide on rolling a classic and traditional joint to help sharpen the rolling craft. You can begin by gathering some of the essential rolling supplies mentioned below:



  • Rolling papers

  • A Specific cannabis strain 

  • Cannabis grinder

  • Crutch (for the filter or joint crutch)

  • A pencil or pen to pack the joint (optional)


  1. Grind the strain


Start by breaking down the strain into a grinder. The catch is – if the substance is dried adequately, it will break down quickly. Moreover, a cannabis grinder keeps your hand from sticking against weed. That is why experts suggest using a cannabis grinder for grinding purposes before sticking it into the rolling paper. However, if you do not own a grinder, you can grind cannabis through hands or scissors. In simple terms, you can use any rough breakdown methods that can help.

  1. Create a joint filter/crutch


The second step is to create a filter or crutch. Even though you can make a filter out of anything, experts recommend that business cards or thin cardboards are ideal. And, if you have run out of these, do not worry. Joint papers come in a specific packaging that one can use for such purposes. Starting with a crutch, make 2-3 accordion folds towards the end of the card. Then, roll up to match the joint’s thickness. 


Many believe that a crutch is unnecessary, but it prevents the shake from reaching your mouth or falling off. Moreover, a solid filter adds stability and allows a user to enjoy the experience of smoking a robust blunt.

  1. Fill the joint


Now, fill the paper with ground cannabis and crutch. If you haven’t made the crutch, it’s okay. Once the shake is added to the rolling paper, begin to shape the blunt with your fingers’ help. Remember, the ideal shake amount should not exceed half a gram if you are starting up.


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A quick note: When it comes to various flavors and types of joint papers on the market, go for the hemp ones. They are strong, thin, and burn evenly. And, all of this happens without affecting the weed’s flavor. 

  1. Pack the joint


Once you have shaped and loaded your blunt, it is time to do what you planned for – rolling the joint. Begin by pinching the rolling paper between your fingertips. Roll it back and forth to push and pack the shake. Post this step; you will see the paper taking its final cone shape. 

  1. Roll the joint


Note that this step can make or break the joint’s quality. Even though you have covered all the above four steps well does not mean the job’s done. One has to tuck unglued half of the paper towards the roll and then roll everything up. Furthermore, use the moist edge to tack the other end. 


Pro tip: Begin with the crutch half since it can guide the rolling paper while it rolls around. Once you have tacked the paper, move down to the rest of the paper and keep tacking until the paper gets sealed from all around.

  1. Finish up


In the end, pack the joint’s end and make sure to experience an even burn. A pencil or a pen is ideal. However, you can use any cylindrical material around you, but it has to be as thin as a pen. And, if you are in a vulnerable spot, a shoelace’s tip or hoodie’s drawstring can do the trick as well. 


Before picking up a lighter to light the joint, do not forget to close the tip with a slight twist. 

  1. Smoke and enjoy

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This is a crucial step. It’s because you spent so much time rolling a joint to smoke and enjoy. So, now is the time to sit on the couch, listen to some psychedelic numbers and puff a little.

The Bottom Line


To reach any destination, you have to experience the journey. The more seamless your journey is, the far better experience awaits your arrival at the destination. This goes best with rolling a joint and then smoking it at the end of all the struggle. If you are new to the cannabis culture, the first thing you might want to hone is rolling a blunt.






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