Summer is the time that so many homeowners decide they want to move home, and there really is no better season to do it.

You’re more likely to have the best weather, and every new home looks better in summer photos rather than winter photos. Not to mention the fact that any residual DIY for either your old home or your new home is usually a lot easier to complete in the summer months!

Moving Goals

There are lots of things to think about when moving home, though sometimes the task can seem huge when you look at it as a whole. This is why you should break your moving task into manageable goals and get each goal completed on time.

Here are four goals you should have for moving and how to complete each one.

Getting A Good Real Estate Agent

Getting a good real estate agent or broker to organize your house sale is vital. These professionals know exactly how to stage your house, how to photograph your house, and how to sell your house.

Companies like The Brandon group do this day in day out, and they know all of the tips and tricks to ensure your home will sell quickly, and at the value you wanted. Click here to visit The Brandon Group, one of the best real estate brokers in Arkansas.

Where Will You Work?

Moving home is great, but if you haven’t got a job to go to, it can be tough to pay your bills!

Most people these days move for work, but with the world moving towards remote working, a lot of employees are finding that location independence working is actually a good thing, meaning they can now move to cheaper neighborhoods or even back closer with friends and family rather than lying near their workplace.

Find out your work situation and ensure your new home is in the best location for you and your work.

Decluttering and Selling Your Gear

You knew it was coming, but when packing your house up for sale, it’s time to do that huge decluttering task you have been avoiding! Get your bins ready: keep it, sell it, donate it, trash it.  Stick rigidly to these bins and only keep things that you actually love and things that bring you joy.

Doing Your DIY

Doing those residual bits of DIY on your property can actually improve the value of your home and ensure that you get the price for it that it deserves. Make sure you do these leftover pieces of DIY before your first home viewers come around to see it, and if you can’t do it properly, it may be with investing the money into hiring a professional to do them for you.

Be warned, though; not all DIY will add value to your home. Don’t fall into the trap of doing more DIY than you need to in the hopes of raising your home’s value when that might not actually happen.



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