safeguard yourself from false accusations

A false accusation is an allegation or a claim of any wrongdoing that is usually untrue and even unsupported by facts. These are groundless accusations or false claims. A false accusation can be made by anyone against anyone and it can lead to judicial proceedings. False accusation is a large umbrella for wrongful cases filed against any person. Basically, for example, if you accuse a person of domestic abuse, but you are lying, then it becomes a false accusation. It is an element of defamation. You can safeguard yourself from false accusations through some legal means.

Record and save proof

If there is any written record that you have of the issue, it will help. So, if you have a record, keep it with you. It will count as proof when the time comes. If the matter goes to court and you have to prove that you have been falsely accused, then this proof is what will save you. For example, if you have written proof that the other has falsely accused you, keep it safe and handy. Create copies if needed so that if one record gets lost or destroyed, you have another copy.

Prepare a list of witnesses

Prepare a list of witnesses who can back you. Anytime a crime is committed, then there are witnesses to it. But if you have been falsely implicated in any, there could be people who have seen the actual thing. It could be an alibi itself from another person or someone who could corroborate your story.

Hire a criminal lawyer

The first thing to do when you have been falsely accused is to hire a criminal lawyer. He is an expert in such scenarios and will advise you the right way. He knows the law and will know exactly what to do immediately. The lawyer can guide you on the next steps and will tell you how to protect yourself. Calvin Barry is one of the most experienced criminal defence lawyer in Toronto providing service for over 30 years now. You will feel more confident with a criminal lawyer by your side.

Keep away from the accuser

When the case or discussion is ongoing for you, it is best to stay away from the accuser. You never know the intention behind it and he/she could be trying to get something out of this. In such an event, meeting the accuser or being in the same vicinity could reflect negatively on you.

Maintain silence

Although you may be falsely implicated, do keep your silence. Even if you shout about your innocence, it won’t help matters because it needs to be legally decided that you haven’t done any wrong. Striking conversations with the accuser could lead to trouble too as the full focus will be on you – as the supposed perpetrator.

There are some responses that could be filed if someone accuses you. Defamation of character, malicious prosecution and false imprisonment are results of false accusation and a response on these lines could be filed. There are options to safeguard yourself from false accusations, provided you are calm and know where to go for advice.

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