We all know how dangerous electricity can be. Most of us have either had an electric shock or we’ve had an electrical appliance that has either blown up, caught fire or looked very unsafe to use. We are all a little scared of electricity and the truth is that we should be. Electricity has the ability to kill us if we’re not careful so how can we stay safe around it?

This article will help you to work with or around electricity kike experts at Seattle Fire Watch Guard Services, so that you feel safe and you are safe.

  1. If you have no experience dealing with electricity don’t attempt to re-wire a circuit or come into contact with electricity. If you have to, hire an electrician to do the work for you. You may be tempted to watch online videos but unless you have experience and know how to protect yourself you could be in for a nasty electric shock.


  1. Never plug many appliances into 1 extension cord or outlet. Too many appliances can cause a fire or damage your home’s electrical system. Stay safe and only plug in those necessary items. Be sure to only ever use one extension cord or adapter per outlet.

To stay extra safe, remove one of the appliances you’ve plugged in before you add another appliance.




If you are running short on outlets hire an electrician to install more.


  1. If you ever have to climb a tree make sure you are always on the lookout for power lines. Electricity has the power to make its way through the tree and into you. If you’re not sure whether there’s a power line around play it safe and stay away.


  1. If you wish to remove an appliance from an outlet always do so using the plug. Never pull the cord as you could expose the wires and receive a nasty shock. If you cannot pull the plug away simply switch the appliance off and ask someone to help you.


  1. Never attempt to undertake electric repairs yourself if you’re not sure what you’re doing. Hire a professional to do the job for you. If you’re unsure as to how you can safely repair something electrical don’t touch it. Let someone who knows exactly what they’re doing tend to the job.


  1. Turn an appliance off if it is not being used. This will help to prevent any accidents and the circuit overloading. Turn off all appliances such as toasters and hairdryers and anything else such as a tumble dryer or a mobile phone charger. When the appliance is turned off there is a lot less risk.


  1. Make sure your hands are always dry before you switch and appliance on. While there is usually a very low risk that you could get injured it’s still worth ensuring you’re safe. When it comes to using electrical products in the bathroom you should refrain from doing so. This is because there tends to be a lot of moisture and water in the bathroom.


  1. Only ever use outdoors products outside. This is because they would have been protected from the elements whereas indoor products such as lights, for example, are not suitable. When you use outdoor lights always make sure they are far away from sources of water.


  1. If you have children make sure that all unused outlets are secured. You can block outlets by placing furniture in the way or putting safety caps on them. If your child needs to charge their phone make sure you plug it in.


  1. Do not remove a plug until you have turned the appliance off. This is important as electricity can travel from the plug and into your hand before travelling through your body and into the ground.


We conduct electricity very well. We are 70% water and electricity has the ability to flow through water very easily. Electricity will always find the easiest path from its destination to the ground. If you happen to be in the way then the electricity will pass through you unless you’re properly protected.

Electricity can travel at around 180,000 miles per second so you are likely to feel the effects right away. Be sensible, be safe and protect yourself from electricity at all times.

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