Best Tips for Getting Success in SEO in 2019

The internet is a powerful part of successful commerce. Over the years, it has taken over the idea of TV, billboard ads and print advertising. However, it is noted in studies that well-implemented offline marketing can boost online performance by 40%. It has become common knowledge that offline branding or online branding alone does not define an SEO. Both these elements must be integrated for easy brand promotion.

  • Offline branding in Google Algo

Google has also recognised the importance of offline branding.

Earlier Goggle would ‘up’ the rating of a website whenever backlinks came through, meaning, if a website had numerous links leading back to the original site, it was considered credible. This wasn’t exactly the most reliable method of checking credibility, as people found a loophole and began selling and trading links and tainting Google’s algorithm credibility. In the recent algorithm updates, Google found a solution to this problem. 

The search engine now takes “brand searches” into consideration. This means, if anyone searches for a company like Degions Outreach through Google, the search engine recognises that someone has shown interest. The more brand searches, the better is the ranking. This correction is a part of Google’s Panda algorithm. It has put offline branding back on the table as one of the marketing ways because there’s nothing that triggers online mentions quite like offline marketing.

The second, and obviously bigger, mistake people make with brands is to create a brand of their own. In many cases, that makes sense, because online marketing involves so many things. Brands, after all, represent a part of the marketing equation and are associated with the search term that people are looking for.

But people still forget to understand brands. In order for Google to rank a site as ‘Top 10’ or ‘Best-of’ ranking, websites and content must have something to say. For example, in the last decade or so, it has become very easy for people to believe what their website says – it must therefore really be that good. Brands can be very helpful to this process, by helping brands achieve higher rankings. People also want to link back to and credit brands to a search result, which is good in and of itself.

  • How to Improve Offline Branding?

Many a time for good brand promotion, customer interaction becomes necessary. People may not be willing to trust a brand unless they trust the owner. For example, if a company is recovering from a scandalous event, it would be advisable to interact with the people not just through its website but through other mediums such as, a press conference or an interview with a magazine editor, etc. These incidents bring out offline branding as the ideal option to garner attention from the public. 

A branding firm will also want to utilize social media to capture the attention of customers.

If the customer comes back and the brand’s owner responds with an apology to this incident, it is time for more engagement efforts. A company might reach out to customers through social media, but as a brand, it will have to make due in this realm as well. It is time to make sure that customers are aware that the owner cares to get into their problems, and that the company is willing to take such responsibility for all its customers. This will not only save the company a huge amount of time in the medium of brand marketing, such as, it will also generate a bigger loyalty from customers

  • How Offline Branding Helps Your Business?

Offline branding helps an organization to choose their target audience and engage them by speaking through different sources. The organisation can put out their products and services among the targeted audience to achieve better potential customers. For example, providing demos, taking part in conferences and trade shows, etc. would encourage audiences to look upon the organisation, if convincing. Offline branding in such a way would increase the network traffic, of the select audience which has the potential to become future customers.


Offline branding is a very effective way of marketing but needs to be carefully, that is to say, a company or website should actually be benefitted from the efforts of offline branding. 

The offline branding mediums should ensure inclusion of keywords already optimised for the content on the website. Using keywords linked to online content is the most efficient way to lead customers from offline branding back to the website. Commercials run on offline mediums must also be optimised back on the website. The various methods of offline branding encourage the people to search for the company or website online which in turn, enhance the online performance and the ranking of the website and it eventually prospers.

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