Fun ideas for the first date

The first date is always exciting – you never know where it will take you in the end. If you have finally asked someone on a date, it’s time to make a plan! You can always go with the flow and just walk in the park with your date, or you can actually have an unforgettable evening and ensure you have the second meeting! Here are some first date ideas that will help you make a great first impression:



If you know that your date likes being active, invite them to play golf with you. The good thing is that golf doesn’t imply a lot of movement and sweating. Also, it will help you to avoid the awkward first date silence – anytime you can start discussing the game and the best techniques!

Don’t worry in case you have never been on the golf course before. You will have a chance to learn together. Not knowing how to play doesn’t make you vulnerable. On the contrary, it will show your partner that you are open to new things! However, you might want to consider asking an instructor to help you out at the beginning.

In case you are a fan of golf, bring your date a present – golf gloves, ping g25 driver, or a hat. It will be a nice gesture since everyone loves getting presents! Who knows, maybe your date will enjoy playing golf so much that they’ll ask you to play together more often.

Ask your date to wear comfortable shoes and clothes so that they can be prepared for spending time outdoors.

Horseback riding

Horseback riding

Before going on the first date, ask another person for their opinion on horses. Some people are afraid of horseriding due to an unpleasant experience in childhood (in psychology, this fear is called equinophobia). If your date is excited about horses, invite them for a ride. This romantic idea can give you an opportunity to experience something new together!

You can book a trip with the company. However, if you want some privacy, consider hiring a private instructor that can teach you the basics. It is necessary to plan everything in advance – dress comfortable and check the weather. 

There is a chance your date will never forget this day!


It’s time for a picnic

Your date might like spending time in nature. Consider having a date in the forest or the park – it can be pretty romantic. However, if you don’t know each other very well, it’s better to invite your date to the public park instead of the forest.

Going on a picnic is a way to show your organizational and cooking skills. To make your first date more romantic, bring a wooden tray, silverware, and wine glasses.

You need to have different food options in your picnic basket since your date might not tolerate some ingredients. Also, you might want to avoid heavy meals such as burgers and chicken wings (you don’t want to spend the day with the sauce all over your face, right?). Bring fresh fruit, berries, and little sandwiches. Keep in mind that your date might be a vegan (it’s quite popular these days). It’s better to find a spot in the park in advance – it shouldn’t be too load or isolated.

Besides blankets and food, you might also need a mosquito repellent, trash bags, paper towels, and corkscrew.

amusement park

A night in the amusement park

Don’t be afraid to show your inner child! The first date should be a lot of fun. So, don’t hesitate to invite the other person to an amusement park. It is a great way to relax and forget about your day-to-day duties. Try every roller coaster you will find there and feel free to go to the panic room – all these new experiences will bring you closer at the end of the date!

Also, take some photos in the photo booth in order to capture the moment.



If you live next to the ocean or the sea, make a plan for a boat riding! Being together on the boat is timelessly romantic and very challenging. In order not to creep your date out, invite them to the ship in the morning. Not everyone would agree to go sailing with the stranger in the evening (especially fans of Dexter TV series).

If you don’t have a driving boat license, you can go on the trip with other people or rent a water bike or kayaks. It’s a way to check how strong your affection is – there is no place for weak on the boat!

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