Dogs are the humans’ best companions since the dawn of history. We can see, many popular celebrities of the past had dogs and they loved them so much. Let me tell you a true history.

If you visit Shibuya, Tokyo you will see a statue of a dog. The statue tells us the loyalty of dogs towards his master. 

Hachiko was the name of the dog, who waited for his master for 9 long years after his death, a faculty of the University of Tokyo. People still remember this dog for loyalty and fidelity.

So, what about your dog? What will happen to it if it dies or you die(sorry to say that!!, but it is true, everyone has to depart).?

The best way to keep memories of your dog is to keep photos and dogs. But the true fact is that dogs do not know how to pose in front of a camera like you. So, you must have to follow some tips before taking some pictures or videos of your dog.

Make Camera a Familiar Object

As human dogs do not recognize a camera or a smartphone. But as they have an acute interest in learning new things, they can quickly catch up. So, it is your duty to teach your dog what is a camera. It is not an easy task though. But if you show a camera, take a photo and every time show the picture to your dog. Repeat the process. After few days, the dog may understand what message you are trying to convey. 

For example, take a couple of photos, yourself and your dog. Your pose should be what you expect from the dog. Repeat the process and one day, it will be done. The dog will respond to specific criteria you set in front of the camera.

Do Not Use Flash

Flashes can disturb the eyesight of a dog. Therefore it is better to avoid flash when you are shooting from the front. 

You can use flash while the dog is looking in other ways, not exactly to the camera. But this will hide the dog’s face. So, how to deal with it.

The best way to take photos is to take using daylight. The best time is the early morning or in the evening.

But what if you must have to use flash. In that case, use other lights, not the camera flash. Flood the room with lighting so that every detail can be seen.

Take Candid Photos

Dogs generally love the outdoor. So, to take photos you can take your dog to any park, beach or any other area where the dog feels comfortable. You can expect some real candid photos of your dog if your dog is happy. Just after arriving at your photo location, giving time to your dog is important.

According to professional photographers like Tracey Osterman,” give your dog a few minutes to sniff out any new space before trying to get them to cooperate for photographs. Otherwise, the new smells can be overwhelming, which makes it difficult for them to pay attention.”

Take a Lot of Pictures While Playing

Dog loves to play. Before taking some great pictures, let the dog whatever he wants to.  In the meantime, do not forget to take a lot of pictures.

If you take a lot of pictures while your dog was playing, you will get some of the pictures really fulfilling your heart.

Be Creative and Play With Dog

Your dog may like creative ideas. Maker some playing arrangements for the dog. Let him accustomed to it.

After he became playful with the new toys he has, do capture some insightful photos. You can hire someone to take your couple of pictures too.

While shooting takes the full body of your dog, do not take half or a portion. While the dog moves its head around 30 to 45 degrees it would be a great capture at that moment.

Maintain Proper Distance

While shooting in portrait or in landscape mood, maintain proper distance between your dog and camera. Maintaining a proper distance is important as it will determine the subject of your photo.

Keep the dog in the center of the photo, try to get some background if you are shooting outside. Fix the lighting, exposure is other technical items.

If you want to take moving pictures of your dog, it is good to use high-speed cameras or you can use a GoPro.


Shooting a nice photo or video of your dog could be cumbersome work. But still, it is worth trying as it will be a digital memory for your lifetime.

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