By Oliva Wilson

Throwing a terrific party involves lots more than appetizing dishes and lip-smacking desserts.

Is it your attires, the furniture, or your kids? Yes, lots of things might come to your mind including your pets. A plethora of other things do exist, and they can largely impact your part, a few positively, and a few negatively.

Find the dos and don’ts and throw a stress-free party:

1. It starts with the ticking off the clock:

A dinner party should be always readied for the guests who turn in. Never should you get late and have pots and plates strewn around. Prepare your food in advance, and this is the first priority.

Keep the table set and organized, which will give a clean appearance.

Do not delay, as this can lead to chaos and stress. Keep the needed things on standby, like extra plates, chairs, backup power supply and lighting in case of power black out, even have a plan B for parking any extra car that may come in, etc.

2. What’s your theme?

Decide on the theme. Are you throwing a birthday party, or a dinner to celebrate your promotion in the workplace, or is it to boost your mood that is down due to any reason?

The answer is strongly related to the theme. Choose a theme that goes with the dinner party.

You can bring in various games, if the party is for adults only. Say, card games or a ping pong table too can be brought in.

3. Picking the group:

Always bring in friends, who share common interests. Imagine, you have friends who do not have anything in common. Say, one likes baseball, and other hates it, would it do good?

Hence, choosing someone who would go along with your friends is essential. Also, rule out people who cannot remain compatible with the mood and not get along with others. Also, ensure you are not bringing in people who are on weight loss schedule for the party.

They might not stay aloof, but wouldn’t enjoy it better for the guilt.

4. The food:

The center of all engagements during a get together is of course the food and when you invite guests for a dinner, the food should be top priority and one that the guests may relish to the hilt.

So you need to consider a lot of things. The better you plan, the best it will be.

First thing, you must know if any guests have any allergies like lactose intolerance, gluten allergy or specific food allergies because if you do not factor that it can ruin the party you have planned. Asking well in advance also is appreciated by the guests you have invited.

Your concern makes them feel good, and the party would be a hit halfway, even before it has begun. Then do not try to impress guests with too many dishes. They tend to forget, or get overwhelmed at the very sight. Keep it light on the numbers, and heavy on the flavor.

Also, do not try something new. You need to choose the restaurant that has the perfect dishes always ready. If you are new to the town, check with your friends if they are in the know of any good restaurants or hotels that offer great food and a decent party space.

5. Make it a success:

You would find this hard, but there are a few hacks that would keep you fresh. Would it look nice if you are tired and dull, but the table is ready when people turn in?

So, you need to be ready with all your accessories and attire for dinner a couple of days ahead.

Choose the dress that goes with the theme, or if your group has decided on a style, take the time to analyze your wardrobe. Delegate tasks to people you trust.

After all, it is your dinner party, but do not stress out, and take it seriously. Laugh and make merry. Make it a hit with your temperament and choices.

Be energetic, and ensure you are dressed perfectly when your guests arrive for the dinner party. A peppy host, after all, throws hint on how terrific the party would be.

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