Are you trying to have a baby to no avail? Trying to conceive can be a natural process to some people but a headache to others. Many newlyweds look forward to pregnancy news, but when it delays, it can be frustrating to both the couple as well as the relatives.

Most women who go through this challenge are sucked into a pool of sadness and obsession with a child. Some get jealous when they see other couples happy with their children. Studies reveal that some go into depression out of obsessing over it. We will enlighten you on ways to cope with late pregnancy and the emotions that come with trying to get pregnant.

Avoid obsessing on the two-week wait

This is the duration between your ovulation and your next menstruation. This period may not be smooth for most women because they pray that the cycle does not come. This phase can make your stress levels rise if you obsess over it. Those two weeks may feel like an entire year for such a woman. Calm down and wait for nature to take its cause without you interfering with your hormones by raising your stress levels.

Distract yourself

If you find yourself obsessing, look for something to distract your mind from it all. You can go on a date with your boyfriend or visit a friend. You can even watch a movie at the theater outside your home or conduct that project you have been postponing for long.

Get rid of the pregnancy kits

Women who are trying to conceive have lots of pregnancy kits lying around the bathroom for them to take the test almost every day. Avoid testing until your menstrual cycle delays so that you can avoid disappointments. You can pass them on to your best friend or throw them away until you need them.

Stop letting your cycle frustrate you

Women who try to get pregnant are never happy about their menses. They interpret it as a failure which keeps on recurring regardless of their efforts to get pregnant. Unfortunately, some women go through miscarriages. Menses are a reminder of their loss. You may show low moods which can affect the way you relate to others.

Don’t allow your periods put you down for days since it can cause you depression. This is how some women remain obsessed about their ovulation and during the last week of their cycle. Avoid such habits by sharing what you are going through with a friend or treating yourself by going for a massage or shopping. Remember that your welfare is more important than conceiving. These occurrences are sometimes beyond our control.

Do things that made you happy

Trying to conceive with no luck can make you forget the things that you used to treasure.  Jot down what you made you laugh before this incidence and start taking action on each item on your list. This will boost your moods and make you see beyond your obsession.

Spend time with your spouse

Trying to conceive can bring blame on yourself or your partner. If there is poor communication between both of you, it might affect your relationship. Spare time to be with your partner and talk about the dreams you had while nurturing your relationship. Talk to your spouse and discuss how this problem is affecting your bond. It can help both of you improve your sex life and work together towards the success of conception.

Avoid relieving stress with drug abuse

Some women cannot take it anymore and try to release these feelings into drugs instead of communicating with their partners. Whether it is anti-anxiety pills such as Xanax or alcohol, they have a negative impact if you are trying to conceive. Sometimes, conception takes place earlier without us knowing and such drugs may affect the health of your child. Seek help at to prevent drug addiction and find better ways of coping with stress.

Find time for yourself

Sometimes, taking a break from all the pressure of life is what we need to discover ourselves. Start taking care of your well- being by sleeping for the recommended time and going to the hospital for regular check-ups. You can use relaxation techniques such as enjoying a bubble bath or listening to music as you forget for some hours that you are trying to conceive. Such a break will make you relax.

Acknowledge the challenges

Reflect on how hard it has been and try to evaluate how this is affecting your life. Acknowledge the pain through crying if you must or express it creatively. For instance, you can use art to express your feelings by decorating your child’s room. This will keep you busy and optimistic. You can also write down your feelings if you are not good at art. It will help you know what exactly you are dealing with for instance if it is self-blame.

Join others

Support groups can help you meet other couples so that you can interact with them and get a sense of belonging from people in a similar situation. You can find such groups in fertility clinics. They are confidential and support each other by sharing. You don’t have to feel alone anymore. You can ask your partner to attend the sessions with you or do it alone.

Seek help

If it has reached stages of depression, the best way is to seek help from specialists in the same field. There are also fertility therapists who can give you personal attention and reverse psychological difficulties. They can also help you resolve issues with your partner if there are conflicts due to the problem. Therapists also talk you into making the right decisions when there are no signs of conceiving after a long time.

Final thoughts

Getting pregnant may be easy for some people, but others struggle to conceive. It is how you deal with your situation that determines your future. Use what we have discussed to find peace of mind as you remain patient as you wait for God’s timing. All the best!

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