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If you buy sunglasses, you still need to know these things!

Sunglasses are a must-have item for all seasons. Whether you have no makeup or stay up all night, you can bring a pair of sunglasses to cover your tired face. However, for the selection of sunglasses, you can’t be sloppy. You need to know these key points in advance.

For an exquisite fashion, you can’t just blindly buy a bag to buy shoes. In fact, sunglasses are not only necessary in the summer or on vacation, all year round, cloudy and rainy days, you can not want to have concave sunglasses. At the moment, it is just the spring season, and sunglasses are bound to become a must-have.

The lens selection of sunglasses

Anti-reflective lens: refers to the surface of the sunglasses coated with a thin layer of magnesium fluoride to prevent strong light reflection, watching things under the sun is not interfered with by strong light.

Detection method: The glasses can be pointed at the light source. If you see purple or green reflection, it means that there is indeed an anti-reflective protective film on the lens.

Suitable place: usually walk to and from work, play and so on.

Anti-UV lens: UV400 should be selected when purchasing sunglasses, because this lens can block ultraviolet rays; while general sunglasses can only reduce the luminosity and can not block ultraviolet rays.

Detection method: use the counterfeit pen to take a picture on the lens. If you can still see the watermark, it means that the pair of sunglasses is not UV-proof. If you can’t see it, it means that the pair of sunglasses is UV-resistant. 

Suitable places: beach, outdoor sports, etc.

Polarized lens: Filters the glare of the sun in the same direction on the surface of the water, land or snow. Add a vertical special coating to the lens to prevent glare and UV rays. With polarized lens technology, the resolution of video is greatly enhanced.

Detection method: Observe the LCD screen such as mobile phone through polarized lens. When the screen is rotated, the screen will also turn black with the rotation, because the polarizer filters the light in the single direction of the screen.

Suitable place: outdoor sports such as driving, outdoor, fishing, etc.

Color-changing lens: The chemical substance of silver halide is added to the lens to make the original transparent colorless lens become colored lens when exposed to strong light.

Detection method: The color-changing mirror is placed in sunlight for about 10 minutes, that is, the maximum color depth should be reached, otherwise the discoloration quality is poor. The glasses that have been discolored in daylight are moved to the dark, and the lens is clear for a period of not more than 20 minutes.

Suitable for: open field, snow, indoor strong light source workplace.

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