Now, when it comes to visiting London for a holiday, you can just go to the same old tourist traps time and time again, or you can start to indulge in Britain’s unique culture. Of course, we Brits have been known for our posh accents, polite table side manner and intelligent conversations.

But London is a place that truly embodies everything that we stand for. That’s why you need to go to the places that truly show off our history and our culture. So, put away that tourist map. Instead, visit these truly spectacular cultural treasures and get ready to have your mind blown away by the UK. God save the Queen, indeed!

Shakespeare’s Globe


Whether you’re interested in seeing a famous show performed by a splendid array of actors or are a Shakespeare fanatic, Shakespeare’s Globe is the perfect place to see the roots of British theatre in all of its historical glory. The original Shakespeare Globe was built in 1599 and destroyed by a fire in 1613. So, the monument that stands before you is a recreation of the theatre itself.

It has a stage, a standing ground and seats on the upper levels that demonstrated what class of person you were. The higher the seats, the more power you usually had. Nowadays, they still put on shows at the globe, so you can decide whether you’re happy to stand for a few hours or if you would rather purchase a seat and enjoy one of the performances of Shakespeare’s many works. Just remember to visit it on a day that isn’t raining, as there is an open interior. Therefore, the play may be cancelled due to bad weather.

London Coliseum Theatre

Speaking of theatre, if you think you are a very cultured individual, and you live for the sound of live opera, you may want to consider the London Coliseum Theatre. True, there are a lot of theatres dotted around London that show off musicals new and old, but none have the vintage glamour of the London Coliseum Theatre.

Set with seating arrangements in dark red velvet and with a large stage, you will be overwhelmed and enthralled by the different performances that are displayed before you. Over the next two months, there are a ton of operas centered around the theme of “Orpheus & Eurydice”, including the famous operetta “Orpheus in the Underworld” by Offenbach. Whilst tickets may be quite expensive, it is worth going to see if you can snaffle up a few tickets. Just don’t forget to buy yourself a glass of champagne or ice cream during the interval. It may be opera but the audience still has its needs!

Hampstead Heath Ponds

If you are visiting London in the summertime then it’s time for you to get out of the busy city streets and focus on getting to grips with some of the most beautiful parks in central London. You have a ton of choices, including The Royal Parks, Regent Park and St. James’s Park, however, we would recommend that you go and visit Hampstead Heath. This is because this park has a swimming pond that you can use in the summer! Three pools are open to men, women and mixed. Just keep in mind that the water can get extremely cold, even in the summertime. You can also use it in winter but to do this you will have to join the Hampstead Heath Winter Swimming Club and be prepared for some seriously freezing weather. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Art Galleries

So, you have probably heard of some of the biggest names of art galleries in London, including the National Gallery, Tate Britain, Tate Modern and Tate Classic, that host some of the most famous portraits in the entire world. However, you may also want to go to the Barbican Art Gallery that hosts some of the leading designs and photography exhibitions. It is also home to the Barbican’s Curve, an eerie art feature that will leave you feeling fascinated and all of your senses enhanced. You may also want to consider the Saatchi Gallery, home to some of the most modern pieces of art in all of the UK.

Little Venice & Additional Markets

When it comes to London, you just have to go shopping for souvenirs. But unlike the other tourists who end up in Camden Town or Covent Gardens, why not pick somewhere more cultured? Little Venice is a little set of canals that have waterside cafes, pubs, restaurants, markets and shops. You will always find something unique and interesting in this area. Just remember to travel by one of the canal boats or walk river sides so you can see every stall that this little block of Italian paradise has to offer.

However, if you want to go to a more romantic market, perhaps even with a gorgeous East London Escort, you may want to go to the Columbia Road Flower Market. In this market, there are tons of small stalls that are filled with the most exotic and local plants. You will feel like you are practically in a fresh field and, by the time you leave the market, you will have enough flowers in your bags to make your house look like a beautiful greenhouse!

British culture is unique and wonderful. Experience it for yourself!

No matter where you end up in London, you will find that you will that each area of London has its charm and culture that is impossible to replicate. You will love every minute you are in London, especially if you end up at the right venues. But if your heart also says go and visit a few tourist traps, then go for it as well. If you are there long enough, you will be able to experience everything that London has to offer. Enjoy the UK capital’s fantastic culture!

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