Graduation Wishes

The power of a greeting

Good Morning! It is the most used greeting around the world. Humans are used to greeting one another when they meet. Although wishing a person good morning has become old-fashioned, some greetings can still provide a smile on the receiver’s face. “Good luck” can motivate a person to do the action with a positive mindset and produce great results. “Get well soon” will provide some sense of positivity to an injured or ill person. Like these pairs of words, there are dozens of quotes and sentences to greet one another on various occasions. It may seem like a simple sentence, but they can make a huge impact on one’s mindset that has the possibility of altering the result of the action. A mom’s wish will motivate a school kid to examine with full concentration. A husband’s wish for the wife’s birthday will do more than costly presents he brings her on the day. There is something with this concept of greetings that drives a lot of expressions. You can try to create these wishes yourself or you can get help from online resources having articulated wishes for different occassions such as graduation wishes or birthday wishes that you can copy and use with your loved ones. In this article, we will see some of the beautiful and heart touching occasions and the ways to wish for them.

Important occasions of life that deserve greetings


You may have a son or daughter. You would have spent your entire savings to make them learn. It will be a precious moment for you to see your heir get graduation. Graduation is the turning point of most of the teenager’s lives. They will be moving to their adulthood and independence. Although your feelings at the moment cannot be explained through words, you can use some of the motivational quotes to congratulate your son or daughter and also to encourage them to lead their life independently from that point. Your message to your son can be heartful congratulations with tears of joy. It can be an encouraging quote to tap his shoulders to move on. Depending upon your way of approach to your kid, you can choose a way to wish him.


Your dad will be retiring next week. It does not mean that he is going to take a leave from his duty. He is ending his service as a leader of the family. He is giving up the burden of his shoulder he had all these years. Although everyone will wish him a happy retired life, a son’s wish for his father’s retirement will be precious. It is a change of control in most of the families. A son will greet his hero thankfully for his services while the father will tap the shoulders of his heir giving up his responsibility to him. Father’s wish will be motivational. Retirement greeting is one of the most emotional greetings. 

Get well soon

Every person would have to get hurt during the lifetime and hence we all would have come across these words. They are used to motivate a person to get well from the sickness soon. Although words have no power to cure any kind of disease or dislocations in the body, the patient’s heart will feel better after hearing these words from a well-wisher. The forms of greetings will be a person wishing for his colleague to get well soon from the injuries due to an accident; wishes for a friend who had surgery, etc. Variations are less in this type of greeting, but available quotes will be pleasing enough for the listener. 

Goodbye and Farewell

One of the most disturbing occasions that can happen between loved ones will be a farewell. A farewell greeting will be entirely emotional that is written heartfully. Your farewell quote should express their value in your life and the difficulty in the separation at once. Goodbye can also be a happy moment in some cases. There you can use sentences of love as last words. Some of the farewell occasions everyone will come after are listed below:

  • A military man leaving his family for duty
  • A child leaving his family to go to the hostel
  • Roommates separating after staying for years together in colleges
  • Separation of high school students 
  • The unexpected separation between two close friends after years of togetherness
  • A husband’s farewell to his wife to leave his work in a metro city after staying home for holidays


You will come across a situation to greet your loved ones either to motivate them for their deeds or to express your love for them. You should choose the wishes in such a way that your thoughts are expressed at the same time making the receiver happy. You can refer to websites that offer greetings and quotes for these purposes. 


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