In-Roof Solar Panels

More people are undoubtedly seeing the true benefits and the inherent sustainability of solar energy, and solar installations are cropping up everywhere in the country. An increasing number of residences are benefitting from solar power as we write, but if you are thinking of an installation in your own home, what’s the best system for your needs? You have a choice between traditional solar panel installations and integrated or in-roof solar panels, and it can be said that an in-roof solar panel system may bring even more benefits to your property. Here is everything you should know about integrated or in-roof solar panels – and their real benefits:

The basics to remember about your solar panel system

When choosing a solar panel system, there are some basic guidelines to remember. You have to consider the system’s capacity for producing energy (electricity) – will it be suitable for what you require? You also have to think about the efficiency of the system. Other factors that can affect your investment include the system installation process, its appearance, maintenance, and general performance. When it comes to these aspects, roof-integrated or in-roof solar panels may be the optimum solution for your needs.

The real benefits 

  • A cohesive design – in-roof solar panels are a lot more appealing visually than the standard or traditional system built on a roof. They will look like an inherent part of your home or roof’s design rather than something that was ‘added’ on as an afterthought. These panels will remain flush with the surface of your home’s roof and will also give your structure a more streamlined,  smoother look and appearance.
  • Enhanced safety – another fact about in-roof solar panels, such as those from, is that they are much better compared to standard on-roof systems and installations in terms of safety. They are, for instance, better at resisting the elements including wind and rain, and with this, they can help ensure that the system will meet relevant requirements for buildings and properties. The in-roof installation is fixed to battens and rafters, so there are no gaps for the wind to get through, leaving them even sturdier and more secure.
  • Low maintenance – in-roof solar panels like those from solar Manchester professionals like Atlantic Renewables are low maintenance, which is a key factor in their popularity. There are no visible spaces or fixings underneath your in-roof solar panel system, and no debris or dirt can get under the system or build upon your structure’s roof. Additionally, you would not have to disassemble the in-roof system if you need repairs or specific maintenance tasks carried out.
  • A cheaper and faster installation process – with roof-integrated systems, you can also benefit from a cheaper and faster installation process, since the designs of such systems already have quick installation and fitting in mind. They will come, for example, with push-fit tiling as well as a more modular design and format which lets you install many tiles in various configurations. Since they already act as a covering for your roof, you do not need as many tiles for your roof, either. This further quickens the process of installation – and reduces your costs. 

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