Small Kitchen

If you like to cook, one of your dreams is probably owning a huge kitchen, stocked with all the kitchen gadgets you could ask for. Unfortunately, we can’t all live in massive houses with gigantic kitchens. Most of us have decidedly average sized kitchens or even quite small ones. Having a small kitchen can be frustrating if you enjoy cooking. Not enough space to store all your utensils or even enough counter space to work on can stop you from spreading your culinary wings. Luckily, there are ways to work around a small kitchen and make the most of the space you’ve got.


Complete Redesign


If you own your house, you can remodel your kitchen completely if the current arrangement isn’t making good use of space. If you ask estate agents and elsewhere, they will tell you that a new kitchen can add value to your home. So, if you’re looking to sell, a complete remodel with quality dining chairs could be your best bet for a better functioning kitchen. When you do a redesign, think about the way you will use the space and what types of storage will help you use your space better. Having ovens, microwaves and fridges built into the cabinets will save more space than free-standing white goods. To be even more drastic, knock a wall through for extra space.


Use Smaller Appliances


When you’re short on counter space, big and bulky appliances take up a lot of much-needed room. Things like toasters and kettles will likely be in use constantly, so choose smaller ones to save on space. Some appliances that you might use less often, like a bread maker or juicer, could be larger. However, remember that you still need storage space for anything you aren’t currently using. Whether you put them away when they’re not in use or keep them out all the time, try to go for something smaller. You can do the same with larger appliances too. Does your oven or refrigerator really need to be that big?


Make it Look Bigger


When knocking down a wall or remodelling your kitchen are out of the question, you can use illusion to make your kitchen look bigger than it is. Replacing solid cabinet doors with glass ones can make it look like the space extends through to the walls. Using lots of light, as well as lighter colours for the decor, will also make your kitchen look larger.


Use the Walls


Using the walls as storage space makes use of unused areas. If you’re not using it to hang things from, all it’s doing is sitting there. You can get racks and hooks for anything from saucepans to utensils.


Create an Island


If there’s room in the centre of your kitchen, or towards one side, think about what you use it for. Does it serve a purpose as a vital throughway, or can you walk around it? If it’s spare space, install an island that can be used for storage. This can also give you extra workspace and somewhere to sit and eat.

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