The business world is fiercely competitive today more than ever, which makes it essential for organizations to create a unique brand identity and USP’s (Unique Selling Points) which the client cannot turn down while making sure that their commercial building stands out in terms of innovation and creativity. However, with so many MNCs and national companies coming up on daily basis it is quite hard to match the commercial building design ideas that match our innovative ideas.

What we have done today in this post is that we have concentrated on exclusively modern commercial building design ideas. We will ponder over the fact that how people came up with these ideas that caused a lot of rave in the commercial building design industry.  These ideas will help you out in considering designs for commercial building, houses and offices.


If you are an architect then you know that developing a modern building does not always means that you have to start from the scratch. You can even combine the bits from your older designs and come up with something completely new. One of the evolutionary designs that I came across was in the one where architectural panel are harmonized with a ship-lap wood-look installation, which I think is quite creative. The shiplap was rooted in place to assist in providing the building a more industrial look with an evolutionary feel.

Observing the Texture”

We all are aware of traditional lap siding, but that is not adequate enough for getting texture that gives a natural wood like look to the exterior of the building. I came across a building which had a proper mixture of even architectural panels with a wood-grain-look panel and it looked so natural yet so contemporary and sleek at the same time.

Highlighting the Nature

There are times when the buildings are adjacent to one another.  Conventionally the designers create a design which has the same looking entry way for both the buildings but that has changed now. It is better to have an entryway with a different look and appearance than the other building and area. I stopped by a building lately which was so soothing to look at, what they did was, they took large architectural panels which is always best when it comes to providing a lustrous, smooth exterior around the entryway. The result was an effortless contrast to the traditional lap siding on the adjacent building. It was a prominent way to highlight the modern nature of the place you are entering.

Duplicating Lines

Everyone wants their modern building façade to remain interesting and contemplable for a long time, some of the architects achieved it by repeating the same lines on the structure again and again.  They used a wide array of material, colors and surfaces to repeat the lines. Which is a great method for making commercial building look fresh and relevant to time without making it look dull or vintage for a single moment.

Jovial Colors

If you are an architect whose recent client has started a business, the best thing to do is to have some bold colors on the exterior.  Bold colors like chartreuse make prominent and sharp positive statement about your commercial building. The new color application will also look great on the fiber cement panels making it look ultra-classic.

Lines that Contrast

Playing with colors have an important role in modern commercial building design ideas. Its time that we discuss our options for paneling. I came across an exquisite building designed by a fellow architect; it had a maroon exterior which was employed with a crisp white trim across all the panels. The best thing was that it is possible to have different sized panels depicted together in the form of Legos. It is very unconventional and unique that would surely make your building stand out than others.

Switching Perception

There are some businessmen who have this perception that the exterior of a commercial building is limited to the siding, if you have a client like this, advise him that there are other components too that could need detailing like balconies, eaves and bump-outs. The trend that is being set now is to get incremented details pertaining to the areas mentioned, having colors that contrast to the styles of sliding.

Demountable Wall Systems

Commercial buildings can be used for thousands of businesses with different purposes. It is best to have different exterior design according to the use. I saw a building which used three distinct styles which were used to differentiate the areas in the form of shapes and sizes of architectural paneling and lap siding. You can even get three separate colors to highlight the different areas in use. The demountable wall system is also taking over the offices across the country.

Sprinkling Colors

What I don’t understand is why most of the commercial building’s façade is flat. There are many innovative buildings these days in which contemporary commercial building design employs bump-outs to differentiate the rest of the exteriors. You could brighten them up using significant contrasting color that would assist in making the building stand out from other commercial buildings.


Integrating these ideas with the adequate branding strategies while developing commercial building design concepts would give you the good results that you expect. Given the fact that competition is fierce, until and unless you wouldn’t evolve by time in terms of designing ideas no good client would hire you for a vintage architecture.



Mark Anthony is a graduate of Manchester University for architectural designs. He is a very diligent critique of commercial building designs that architects are offering these days, he posts innovative ideas and solutions for commercial designing industry on various platforms and websites, he has a long list of satisfied clients who don’t go anywhere as no one can be more creative in this field as Mark.

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