LOS ANGELES, CA – With 2021 still fresh and new, many of us are still focusing on going thru with those New Years resolutions we made while intoxicated and caught up in the euphoria of a new beginning.

With COVID still raging and many of us hopeful for a respite of a vaccine and a return to normal, all of that seems so distant and remote, yet possibly close and hear.

If in the event that we are able to resume going back “to normal” such as going out to the movies, once such movie to watch is Hillary Swank’s 2020 thriller, Fatale, featuring rising star in model and actress, Sabina Mach.

Mach, a model/actress born and bred in Los Angeles, may still be in her teens, but thanks to her role in FATALE, is on the cusp of being a woman, with a face and profile that is quickly rising up in both fashion runways around the globe and in her native Hollywood.

Blessed with runway model looks, fair skin, flowing dark hair and mesmerizing blue eyes, Ms. Mach is destined to be a name and face to watch for thanks to her recent cover of L’Officiel Arabia, posing for luxury brands such as GUESS, Gabbana, Oscar de la Renta and appearing in music videos for Post Malone and Halsey.

A former Olympic gymnast and music theater geek, Mach has her sights set on taking her talents to the next level in 2021 and beyond.

Below is my Q and A with the talented and lovely Sabina as we discuss her role in Fatale, working with Hillary Swank, her unique and beautiful name and her goals on being a triple threat in singing, designing and acting.

Photo courtesy of Jane Katz. Used with permission

Name: Sabina Mach

Height: 5’8

Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA

Social Media: Website: https://sweetlittlesugarplum.company.site | IG: @sweetlittlesugarplum and @iamsabinamach 

Notable Appearances in Media/Filmography, etc. : THE PERFECT WEAPON, LA RUSH, FATALE. Moschino, Dolce & Gabbana, Oscar de la Renta, and Guess. Music videos with artists like Halsey and Post Malone.

Greetings from Cleveland and congratulations on landing the cover of our first-ever Fashion & Spring/Summer Issue, how excited are you? Hello, I’m very excited, as a Libra I’m very social and artsy. It brings me joy to answer your questions and talk about life.

Tell us a little bit about you? Your background etc? I started out as a gymnast on an Olympic Gymnastics team which required 10-hour training days after school, and along came my first photoshoots. If you asked a 5-year-old me where I am from, I would say Disneyland; I love that place and spent a lot of time there as a kid, singing and pretending to be a Disney princess. That is how my acting career started. I performed a lot in kindergarten and sang at all the school parties. I would cry to a sad song or dance to a happy one.

In high school, when we lived in London, I performed in the theatre with my mom. The movies like “The Blue Lagoon”, “Endless Love” or “Splendor in the Grass” inspired me. A love story that made me “happy cry”. As a child, I thought I was witnessing someone’s real life, I didn’t know acting was an actual job. Little did I know that I, too, could make movies one day. Last year I visited France and decided to go to fashion design school in Paris. I was always drawn to fashion, and especially dreamed about designing my own clothing line.

I wanted something versatile that men could wear and teen girls would love. A line with diversity. I’ve always loved animals and spent a lot of my childhood volunteering at animal shelters and sanctuaries. I found a way to combine my love for animals, modeling and fashion through my exclusive, one-of-a-kind merchandises – a line of clothing, backpacks, swimming suits, socks, and now fairytale themed face masks.

The cool design makes kids and teens stay safe while enjoying and having fun wearing a mask. Unfortunately, with COVID-19 many have struggled, but I was taught to find positive in the negative. That’s how my original face masks came to life. 


Sabina is such a lovely name, what is the origin of it? Funny but I was called Sabrina the teenage witch in childhood by all my friends. There was a tribe of women “Sabines.” “The Sabines were an Italic people that lived in the central Apennine Mountains of the ancient  Italian Peninsula, also inhabiting Latium north of the Anio before the founding of Rome. The Sabines divided into two populations just after the founding of Rome, which is described by Roman legend. “

My great grandmother chose that name from a book, and everyone loved it because it was unique and not common. Though I believe a name should be chosen by children not their parents 🙂 

 You seem to be on a bit of a roll in landing the cover of L’Officiel Arabia? How excited are you in landing the cover of such an established magazine as that? Very excited, I’m not a person to brag (I wish I possessed such quality.) All my successes make me very happy, but also I’m always looking into the future thinking alright that’s of the list, what’s next.

Congratulations on your role in the new Hiliary Swank thriller, “Fatale”, what was it like working with one of Hollywood’s top actresses? I’m always amazed by the amount of takes that are made in the process of filmmaking. Because I ‘ve trained on my craft a lot I’m so prepared, that I’m usually wrapped within a few, but I love the camera so much that I wish it would be always rolling. 🙈🙈 

The very first person I met in LA was Hilary’s manager, unfortunately he passed away. But it was exciting working with her, Boys Dont Cry is one of my all time favorites, and a character like that is a dream part for me. 

What actors/actresses did you look up to? I mostly look up to the characters the actors play, and fall in love with them, I have a lot of favorites. That’s how I fell in love with filmmaking and acting because I wanted to meet the characters, because real life communication can be not as exciting as movie situations.

Who were your modeling inspirations? Love Anne Lebowitz and the Disney/movie character series! I wish to portray one of them. 

You’ve modelled for the likes of Guess, Moschino, etc, what is the one brand or campaign that you are most proud of? OMG! Let’s talk about Guess! The shoot happened on a boat. It was a long shoot, and I got so sea sick towards the end, because I went into the storage part- where they keep all the life jackets, on the lowest level and stayed there posing and didn’t realize until I climbed out that I couldn’t stand up without puking. But the shoot had to continue, this was the solution pose. 

What tips and trends do you see becoming big in 2021? 2021 is all about being yourself, I completely changed my hair last year (trend setter 😉 joking ) bright hair is going to be a thing for me 🙂

What has been the most exciting place you’ve shot at? I shot with a real life bear that was a thrilling goal for me to make happen

What’s your dream place/locale to shot in? Dream place — anywhere warm and exotic. Hawaii, Bali, Maldives 

What fashion and style accessories can you not afford to live without? Haha! none, I’d be happy living in the woods with nothing but my 5 dogs and my family. I’d bring my glasses with me because without them I can’t see and would be running into every tree.

Due to COVID-19, a lot of models have hard times getting gigs and traveling to shoots, how has the pandemic affected you? When I’m not working, I’m a stay-at-home hermit, so nothing changed for me if anything now people know how my life is. I did get lots of calls suddenly from everyone wanting to “hang out”, who was “so busy” before. 

I learned to try to turn negatives into positives, but I know someone who passed away because of it, my heart was breaking. So this is not a situation to talk lightly about.  

Any future projects lined up for 2021 and beyond? Yes! I’m releasing and working on my music, as well as expending my clothing line.  Yes! I can be that person saying “omg I’m a singer, dancer, actress, businesswoman” now. 🤓🤨

Thank you for answering our questions today and congrats on all of your well-deserved success.

Special thanks to Ms. Sabina Mach for her time and assistance. Photos by Jane Katz. Used with permission.


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