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INSCMagazine: Are You Interested In A Career in Journalism or Social Media?

INSCMagazine: Get Social!

How passionate are you about sports, do you have a favorite team or player and get frustrated reading articles or listening as some commentator rips your team’s performance?

It’s hard to defend them to a writer you may never come in contact with but imagine how it would feel to become THAT writer. You have the chance to get the word out about your team or players, the chance to express your feelings and maybe, just maybe explain within reason, why you hate your rivals.

If you ever thought about journalism, this is the place for you. Most of our sports writers have been featured in Bleacher Report, Yahoo Sports, SB Nation, just to name a few. We’re dedicated to getting your work seen by the masses and not just the people on your Facebook wall.

But it doesn’t stop with sports, we cover a range of topics as we pride ourselves in becoming the next great magazine.

If sports is not your go-to subject we have, Entertainment, Fashion, Lifestyle, Religion, Automotive and much more, we have the platform to help you grow, stop being shy, fill out the sign up form below and become a part of our growing team.

If writing is not your strong suit, maybe editing, or social media is. We can never have enough of either as our writers publish many articles per day, the demand is high for expertise in those areas.

Which do you prefer?

Do you have the skills and patience to proofread articles, checking for spelling and grammar-related issues? Are you a social media whiz that can help us share, Tweet, Stumble and Pin our work to the Web? If so, fill out the form and let us know your area of expertise.

As for the future of Inscriber, we soon will be migrating over to the NESN Network, one of the largest in the nation that will surely put us in the neighborhood with some of the bigger market sites. Our future looks bright and we want to offer you a chance to be a part of something great.

You don’t want to be on the outside looking in, reading how Inscriber made major moves but you didn’t take advantage in the past, now is your time, if you’re ready, we’re ready.

Sign up.


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Robert D. Cobb
Founder, Publisher and CEO of INSCMagazine. Works have appeared and featured in places such as Forbes, Huffington Post, ESPN and NBC Sports to name a few. Follow me on Twitter at @RobCobb_INSC, email me at robert.cobb@theinscribermag.com

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