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Inside Sports : NFL Draft Recap, Te’o Picked By Chargers, Boston And Pittsburgh Run

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The line that everyone looks forward to hearing was announced Thursday Night at Radio City Music Hall in New York City:  “Kansas City is On The Clock.”  And with that, the NFL Draft and the 2013 pre-season got underway.

Obviously to list all the first round picks here would be monotonous and ill-suited to this column’s format (A week of news in Capsule review) So let’s go over some of the facts from the first round.  The biggest was that The o-line ruled the roost.  Eric Fisher and Luke Joeckel became the first two offensive tackles to go one and two on the draft respectively, and Lane Johnson, another o-liner made it 3 of the first 4 picks.

Also smelling like roses this morning are the Steelers, who picked Jarvis Jones, who will most certainly make it interesting for the competition for starter at linebacker.  While no one can replace James “Silverback” Harrison, I think Jones has what it takes based off his SEC stats.

Te’o Falls To Chargers In Second, Heir To Seau?

Expected to go in the first round, but DID NOT was Notre Dame’s Manti Te’o.   The Notre Dame star has of course had wonderful practices, but all the personal drama I think got in the way of his hopes of being a first round draft pick.  Te’o would end up going to the San Diego Chargers 38th overall, could he follow in the footsteps of another former Polynesian great, Junior Seau.


The Pittsburgh Penguins have dropped both games this week after ensuring themselves the top seed in the Eastern Conference and home ice advantage throughout the Eastern Conference Playoffs.  The only way the Pens can’t have home ice advantage in the Stanley cup Finals is if they face the Chicago Blackhawks, who won the President’s Trophy.

I think Penguins head coach Dan Bylesma is playing it cagy, but PLEASE, WIN THE SEASON FINALE AT LEAST!  I understand you playing the schedule out to make sure your team is healthy because of all the injuries the Pens had in this short season, but please, make sure you win at least one!

Oh by the way, Marc-Andre was out for an extended period of time.  Official reason?  “Paternity Leave.”  Congratulations, Marc-Andre!


I don’t need to re-state what my opinions are concerning the Boston Marathon.  Look on this site for the opinion piece called “Emotions”.  It’s the rambling of a man who needed to talk.  But Boston has resolved itself and has shook its fist in the face of terrorism, saying that next year, the Boston Marathon tradition will continue on Patriots Day.

Many who ran in the London Marathon paid tribute to those who lost their lives in the Boston Marathon, as did all of sports with the adoption of Boston patches on their uniform.

As far as the Pittsburgh Marathon goes, it’s on like Donkey Kong!  And it sounds like it will be well attended.  A Quinnipeac University Poll of voters said 88% were still going to run in or attend the Pittsburgh Marathon.  I’m sure this will come under a lot of security scrutiny, but I think it will be a great event and if you’re in the area, go out there, and thank the police officers and security detail you see there.

By the way, you can help the people of Boston by donating to the One Fund by logging on to www.onefundboston.org


The NBA Playoffs are now underway with their first round games.  It’s not a dead cert who will be in, but we reserve the right to make a prediction at a later date…NFL Draft continues tonight with round two…Louisville coach Rick Pitino follows up on his promise and now has a tattoo to commemorate coaching the Cardinals to the NCAA Championship…Barclay’s Premiere League Liverpool striker Luis Suarez accepted a 10-game suspension for biting Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic. Duh! it’s not like he had a choice!


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