Intention Coach, Metaphysical Consultant & Conscious Creation Specialist, Rev. Gillian V. Harris, M.S.P. who has a solution to the talk of a potential U.S. Casual Sex Ban like the one underway in the UK. She invented a loophole for this restriction called the COVID Coupling Agreement that focuses on getting conscious about sexual expression in order to flatten the curve. According to Gillian’s sex survey, more than 82% of respondents would sign a pact like the COVID-19 romantic coupling agreement and over 75% of single people will not wait until a vaccine is found to touch someone sexually. The agreement focuses on both parties getting tested then moving forward monogamously getting to know each other romantically via the COVID coupling agreement. Gillian can comment on:

-If covid-19 case numbers are high and people respond by social distancing and isolating then the country faces an escalation of a different problem, which is a decline in mental and emotional health, and a rise in suicide rates.

-UK “bubbles” allow socializing between two households ONLY – 6 people max, yet Gillian proposes a quarantine crew – COVID-free Posse or group of people who socially distance, wear masks, wash hands and can meet – unmasked – share meals, laughter, non-sexual touch and hug within 6 feet – safely.

-Safely dating so that people have someone to embrace, touch, or just to spend time with, without a mask on, promoting integrity and clean breaks… No cheating.

-How to Opt-Out of a Romantic coupling Agreement and possible litigation for blatant breaches of covenants.

-Sharing stones and crystals to help call in ‘the one’ with whom you can make a coupling agreement and maintain that relationship once it arrives, as well as AROMA to heal from stress experienced in 2020.

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Gillian will assist in ways to apply stone and crystal energy: holding, wearing, carrying, viewing, acknowledging, cocktails, crystal grids, HOW TO CLEAR and RECHARGE your stones and crystals.  – Intention Beads on  or  where you can also find mask accessories made out of stones and crystals so that this energy is worn on your mask and assists you throughout your day!

She is the author of (‘Have We Met?! How To Identify Your Reincarnated Loved Ones’ & ‘The Secrets of Lost: The Validity of Multi-Dimensional Existence’). Coaching sessions are $125 per 1 hour session or $420 for a bundle of 5 sessions.  (free consultations available) Sessions are only on Zoom TFN.

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