Of the over one hundred cannabinoids in medical marijuana, the most popular are THC and cannabidiol (CBD). The former is useful in the treatment of certain diseases but has specific psychoactive effects too. CBD has the same healing potential but without side effects. So, you shouldn’t mix up these two compounds.

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Cannabinoids affect the specific receptors located in the nervous systems of all mammals. The function of these receptors is to keep a normal and healthy organism and to maintain balanced body processes and

Many things are already known about cannabidiol, as scientists perform continual research on it. Knowledge of this hemp derivative is more prominent day by day. Its use is becoming more and more widespread. It’s a matter of a day when hemp-based oil will become applicable in medicine and pharmacy.

Cannabidiol Is Not Cure-All Drug

This fact should not make you give up on CBD oil for your pet, as it doesn’t deny the medical potential of cannabidiol. It’s proven to be safe and effective, and its usage is legal in most countries. But the relevant institutions are still hesitant to make the use of cannabidiol for medical purposes official.

That prevents manufacturers and vendors from selling hemp-based oil as a cure for certain diseases. If you come across a product that says something like this on the packaging, do not buy it because it is a copy. So far, CBD oil is presented as a supplement. You should give it to your furry buddy as a complement to conventional therapy or as a diet supplement.

Organic Products Give You Peace of Mind

CBD oil that owners buy to their pets is obtained as a hemp derivative. When looking for a quality product for your dog or cat, you need to do proper research on the offer and click reference for each product to check the origin. You probably wonder why it matters.

Hemp, besides medicinal properties, is also known as an excellent soil cleaner. With its root, this plant absorbs various toxins and heavy metals from the ground. In the past, hemp was deliberately planted in polluted areas to assist in their purification.

You certainly do not want to give your pet a product derived from a plant that has been bred in a contaminated area. Also, you need to find out how the plant was grown (using fertilizers, pesticides). It is crucial to know the origin of the hemp from which the oil was extracted, as it’s the only way to give your pet a safe, holistic remedy.

Human CBD Is Applicable in Animals, but Vice Versa?


As mentioned above, all mammals have an endocannabinoid system. It means that cannabidiol will have the same effect on all of them and will help treat the same health conditions. CBD oils for both animal and human uses have the same composition. So, logically, human products can be used in animals, and vice versa. But you should pay attention to a few side notes.

First, the prescribed doses of cannabidiol differ in humans and animals. The makers use the same ingredients in the production of CBD oil for humans and pets. But the amount of cannabidiol in them varies significantly. It can sometimes be problematic to calculate how much ‘human’ oil you should give to your pup or cat.

Another thing to note is flavors. These additives are used in pet CBD oils to make them more palatable for animals. Dogs are especially picky when it comes to the taste of pure CBD oil. That’s why manufacturers add pet-friendly flavors that dogs and cats find delicious, but can be repulsive to humans. Also, some additives from animal products, although safe for use, can cause mild digestive issues in humans.

Although you can buy CBD oil without a prescription, you should always ask your vet for advice. It is advisable to have a bottle of this product at home, as it brings excellent results when it comes to anxiety, panic attacks, and sudden onset of strange behavior in pets. For picky eaters, there are other forms of cannabidiol, such as treats, soft chews, or kibbles.


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