On Sunday, I had caught up with Hendon’s FC’s captain Nourdine Hmaimou. The true gentleman and strong willed player gave insights to his journey and career. He managed to take out time from his training exclusively for us.

Q. How has the journey been so far?

Nourdine: Well it was great. I am overwhelmed with whatever I have got from life till now. I am thankful to God and my family for everything. When I was a kid this day was a dream, now I can proudly say I am living my dream. There is nothing I can complain about. (Laughs)

Q. According to you what was the turning point of your career?

Nourdine: Well according to me every point was crucial to build my career. I wouldn’t have been the person I am today if I hadn’t met Yassir Sliti. He was the one who trained be to be a better human and a true sportsman. But one incident that shaped my career has to be my selection in Hendon FC. Undoubtedly, it helped me grow a lot. I got a scope to train with world class player and even got the opportunity to captain the team.

Q. You have been attached to the sport since childhood. How has football affected your life?

Nourdine: Football is life for me. You know when I was a kid I never understood my affection towards the game. There is something between me and football. An addictive, unruly charm that binds us. I always believed that football as a sport has the ability to pull everyone together. It forms a strong knit. I am lucky that I am part of this game. It taught me so many things, discipline, hard work, patience, teamwork. I believe everybody should play football or any sport during the growing phase of their life.

Q. What next….?

Nourdine: My game plan is to keep improving myself and keep playing great football. I believe this is the only way one can grow. At present I am happy to captain Hendon as long as the management requires my service. And yeah who doesn’t want to represent his or her own country in the world stage. That’s my ultimate dream. And to make it happen I am aiming ISL. I believe Indian Super League is the best stage for players like us to perform and get recognized.

Q. Great, indeed ISL has gained a reputation among young players.

Nourdine: Yes, and why not? It’s such a popular league. And its popularity is growing at a steady pace. As a player we need to perform at such leagues to get noticed and picked for national team. Everybody complains for lack of opportunity, but now with ISL we have hit the jackpot.

Q. Well, I wish you achieve your dream. It was nice talking to you thank you for your time.

Nourdine: Well it was a pleasure. Hope to be in India soon. Love to India. Thanks.

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