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Have you ever heard your general dentist in Medicine Hat sharing the benefits of the Invisalign system? If not, then you need to know that its history is quite popular. This extraordinary approach was pitched by two Stanford Business Majors students who tried to create dental appliances that were easy to remove and barely visible. Not any of the investors around didn’t have any idea about removable braces, and ultimately, they were duly impressed. 

This is how their concept of Invisalign gained popularity and more and more investors took interest in this startup. And guess what happened next? These extraordinary braces were made available to many of the orthodontists, and gradually, they became a household name as more and more individuals started embracing their convenience and attractiveness. 

So let’s take a sneak peak that your family dentist in Medicine Hat might also love to talk about. What is Invisalign, and how does it actually work? Let’s get one step ahead with knowing what you are actually looking for. 

What Is the Basic Difference Between Traditional and These Invisalign Braces? 

Basically, the goals of both these modern and traditional braces is to align, straighten, and close the gaps. While the traditional braces involve a series of brackets and wires that are sticked to each tooth. In contrast, Invisalign is a clear aligner made of soft plastic that helps to mold the teeth and can be removed with absolute convenience. With these modern, easy to use, and light in weight braces, there are no wires and rubber bands to cut your cheeks, and no broken brackets. Isn’t that amazing? 

Who Is Eligible for Getting Invisalign? 

First of all, you need to seek a dedicated expert for dental services in Medicine Hat to recognise whether the Invisalign approach is ideal for you in every situation or not. Still, as most of the dental experts share is that this cosmetic treatment is suitable for both adults and tenagers. One may be a highly suitable candidate for Invisalign if they have unequal spaces between their teeth and or the teeth are too crowded. Putting in simple words, these removable braces are perfect for adults that had their teeth shift after wearing braces as kids.

Are Invisalign Painless? 

You will definitely get to see Invisalign models at most of the dental clinics in Medicine Hat. Just like the ordinary wired braces, Invisalign shifts the teeth where they actually need to be. One may expect little soreness, especially in the first 24 hours, but at least no sharp bracket or worse will poke your cheeks and inner lips. 

Ultimately, general dentists in Medicine Hat can only help you have a customized Invisalign frame because each aligner is individually created with exact calculations to mold and set your teeth in place. To find out Invisalign is right for you, don’t hesitate to see your dentist anytime soon. 

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