Vaping is now the best alternative than smoking cigarettes. Kicking out the smoking habit, it is a difficult task and requires an immense amount of determination. The best things you can do for your health by quitting smoking.

Smoking is injurious to health. Every organ in your body, including your heart. All the heart- diseases are caused due to smoking and passive smoking too. Smoking slowly affects all the body parts. It starts with reducing stamina, creating fatigue more often, and less of sleep.

Head Shop in Peoria Arizona suggests that switching to electronic cigarettes is an easy transition from traditional cigarettes to stop smoking suddenly. Smoking e-cigarettes are also called as vaping. Is vaping is a better solution to reduce smoking. Will it help in getting away with the smoking habit?

How is vaping better than smoking?

Vaping is less harmful- Traditional Cigarettes have seven thousand different chemicals which are toxic in nature including nicotine that is extracted from tobacco. Electronic cigarettes have water vapor which is made from nicotine, flavors and other chemicals. There is a certainty that fewer toxic chemicals are exposed than tobacco stick.

Vaping can be injurious to health- Nicotine is the base for making both types of cigarettes i.e. electric and traditional cigarettes. Vape Shop in Peoria, Arizona notifies that it gives you the same addiction that you get from the addictive toxic substance which is the base agent. Nicotine is the toxic chemical which causes a rise in blood pressure and increases the heart pumping rate and chances of getting a heart attack increases.

The method of making up a vapor is still unknown to a certain extent. E-cigarettes are still dangerous for our body. They have the same physical health effects same as the traditional tobacco sticks. Safety is still a concern in terms of all kind of chemicals used in Vape.

The same amount of Addiction – According to research, it is addictive to heroin and cocaine. Cartridges of Vape can be filled with more concentration of nicotine than the traditional cigarettes which is manufactured in the prescribed form. Vape Shop in Peoria, Arizona informed that to get a hit from the Vape, a voltage can be increased from the chemicals infused.

Electric Cigarettes are not the best aid for quitting- Food and Drug Administration is yet to approve Vape as smoking cessation devices. It was found that e-cigarettes keep the nicotine habit alive in the body. So, smokers end up smoking the traditional and electronic cigarettes.

Popular Addiction among millennial- High school kids are the new generation who are hooked to the vapes. There is a shot up of 900 percent of the young smokers with the electronic tobacco device. The young adults who have never smoked a cigarette in their life are addicted to the new smoking device. It is quite fancy for them to add cool quotient in their social circle and media.

Reasons for electronic cigarettes popularity in young adults

  • There is a myth among teens that vaping is less harmful than smoking cigarettes.
  • The per unit cost of e-cigarettes is lower than traditional cigarettes
  • An electric cigarette is one time investment and cartridges are changed according to the consumption of flavors
  • Vape cartridges consist of fruit flavors as they appeal to the younger audience
  • The stigma of smoking is reduced with the vapes.

Sunburst Smoke shop says that it is an effective strategy to quit smoking but there is no proof of evidence yet. The short-term and long term effects of vaping is yet to be studied. Research to compare the risks of e-cigarettes with the other tobacco products.


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