Everything tends to slow down during the cold and snowy winter months, except maybe our eating habits. Between holiday, company and Super Bowl parties, it isn’t just the snow we’ve been shoveling.

In fact, the average person gains five to seven extra pounds during the winter. It may not seem like it now, but warmer weather is right around the corner, and let’s face it, it’s time to start working on that summer bod.

Not quite ready to commit to the gym? You can start with a detox water that some of the biggest names in Hollywood swear by. The best part is, you can get all the ingredients at your local grocery store.

What you will need

· ½ Cucumber

· ½ Lemon

· 1 Lime

· 10-12 Fresh Mint Leaves

· 2 inches Fresh Ginger Root

· Pinch of Himalayan Salt

Slice cucumber, lemon and lime, and cube ginger. Add all ingredients to a pitcher of filtered water.

Pretty easy, right? And, you didn’t have to break the bank to make it. Not a fan of Ginger? No problem. Use less than suggested, or leave it out completely. The remainder of these ingredients will work well together as a detox without it.


Not only does lemon add a fresh and energizing citrusy kick to your water, but it also contains pectin and citric acid which supports digestion. Lemons contain high levels of vitamin C which will give your immune system a little boost, while defending against environmental toxins. This little bitter, yellow fruit doesn’t stop there, lemons also support normal liver and kidney function.


Looking for something to relieve menstrual cramps and other aches and pains? You might not need to look any further than your refrigerator’s crisper drawer. While Ginger can assist with the discomforts caused by common digestive problems, it also has anti-inflammatory properties to fight off inflammation. And if that isn’t enough, Ginger can aid in reducing blood pressure, improving nutrient absorption and contribute to weight loss.


Cool as a cucumber? These refreshing veggies contain antioxidants and are supportive of the digestive track. Cucumbers contain potassium and magnesium, and work great as a natural diuretic. While you’re slicing up those cukes, set a couple slices aside for your face. Cucumber is soothing and refreshing to the skin and helps in reducing redness and swelling from minor skin irritations.


Fresh mint leaves are well-known for their refreshing, sweet flavor when added to drinks. Who doesn’t love a Mint Julep? But, did you know that mint aids in weight loss by stimulating digestive enzymes? Mint is also known for its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory abilities. You might want to consider adding this sweet little herb your list when planning your garden this spring.


Limes are rich in antioxidants and are a natural diuretic, aiding to rid the body of toxins. Additionally, limes are a good source of potassium, vitamins A, B, C, and D, magnesium, and calcium. Because they have a low glycemic index, limes can help the body regulate how it absorbs sugar into the bloodstream, which can also be helpful for people with diabetes. Limes aren’t just for margaritas anymore.

Himalayan Salt

Himalayan Salt is a natural source of sodium and is jam-packed with 84 minerals that are beneficial to your health. Himalayan Salt helps the body regulate blood volume and pressure. When consumed, it assists with elimination and releasing toxins from the body. Trying to lower your sodium intake? Add Himalayan Salt to hot bath, and toxins will be drawn from skin, while relaxing tense or sore muscles.

If you’re short on time or don’t like some of the ingredients listed, simply drinking eight ounces of warm lemon water right away in the morning will help with digestion and flushing toxins. Happy detoxing!

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