Jack Settipane

Have you ever heard about Jack Settipane? In the film industry, the name of this LA-based director actor filmmaker is popping up more and more. He has been working on some exciting projects, having produced a feature film in 2020 that hit theaters last November. TICK his short film was selected for 26 film festivals and won 4 awards. Notably, he shot the film, starred in it and directed all on his own with no crew to assist. He is working currently in post-production on another feature film named Remnants Anthology, a drama thriller that he has starred in, written and directed. 

Jack’s schedule in COVID

In the lockdown and pandemic days, he has focused on work. Jack rescheduled and readjusted projects accordingly, side-lining his TV pilot Wings that had been ⅓ filmed and shifting focus to his comedic cartoon aimed at adult audiences. He has involved international star Nashla Aguilar, comedian Fred Stoller and several other names to be revealed closer to release. 

About Jack 

Jack is a talented producer, director, and actor but his passion for love is unique from others. He is such a big fan of several films and he has tried to enjoy everything in his life as much as possible. He is kind of the opposite of a critic since he is always looking for the good. In one of his interviews, he has described that there are several people in the industry, who can criticize others but he is a kind of the opposite of the critic. 

Jack prepares himself for a role by reading the script, director’s notes, and writer’s notes. All these things help him to learn about his job and the characters in the film. It guides him about the information of the roles in the movie. He spends some time in the character to understand the nature of the role. In this way, he can work for the best results. 

How to contact him?

It is simple and very easy to contact a person or a celebrity online and on social media. Jack has direct contact information available on IMDB.  Everyone has accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Therefore, accessing him on Instagram is also very easy for all his fans and followers. Jack is known for his commitment to being accessible to fans and colleagues and will try to get back to everyone that reaches out. 

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