In April of 2016, the Los Angeles Rams gave up the mother load to move up to the No.1 spot in the NFL Draft. It was believed that they would take a QB, as there were two that everyone was jockeying for; Carson Wentz and Jared Goff. That they did, selecting Goff with the No.1 overall selection. Now, how long until he starts would be the question everyone would be asking. Here we are week 11 and Jared Goff has finally been named the starter for the Los Angeles Rams.

It is widely known that when the Rams drafted Goff they did so with the intentions not to start the young man until they were either eliminated from playoff contention or he was ready. The organization felt that they could win with incumbent QB Case Keenum. The season started off strong. The Rams were 3-1 after 4 games and everything was looking good for the offense. Then things started to unravel and Keenum was not only not making the plays but he was turning the ball over. He was turning the ball over at critical times and during some game winning drives costing the team victories.

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The fans have seen enough. They have started calling for the rookie to get some playing time. Head Coach Jeff Fisher was adamant about sticking with Keenum. Fisher went as far as saying he would bench wide receivers before switching QBs. A couple of more games have passed since that comment and the Rams offense has not had any output. They currently have the 31st overall ranked offense in the league. They are the 25th ranked pass offense in the NFL. If you want to better than 8-8 or 7-9 Jeff Fisher, you needed to make this change.

Jared Goff can do no worse than Case Keenum. Keenum currently ranks 19th in the NFL in passing yards (2169 yards), 25th in TDs (9), tied for 2nd in INTs (11), and 24th in completion percentage (61%). He has a QBR of 77. He has also been sacked 23 times. Goff could do no worse and when he does make a mistake you would tend to give a small break due to his inexperience. Maybe Jared Goff can come in a make a difference for an offense that is struggling.

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The Los Angeles Rams need a spark. After coming off of a hard-fought win against the New York Jets, a home game against the Miami Dolphins is as good of a time as any to start the rookie. Many thought he would have gotten the start after the bye week, thus so he had more prep time. The Los Angeles Rams need to see what they have in Jared Goff. He now has the keys to Ferrari, let us see how well he can drive it.