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Jazz snag Joe Johnson

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According to league sources the Utah Jazz just agreed on a 2 year $22 million dollar contract. It seems to be a surprise to many Jazz fans because he was not one of the players that the Jazz have been pursuing. Although It is clear that Jazz fans are very happy with this pick up.

The Jazz have had a great off season so far, and I believe the it is not completely over. The Jazz seemed to have two objectives this offseason: strengthen the point guard position and get three point shooting. They have accomplished both objectives so far, and they have added some great veteran talent to a very young and Inexperienced team. The Jazz still have some money to spend, and even though there is no chance that the Jazz can get Luol Deng they may still have a chance to grab a few more players that fit in to the rotation.

Jazz front office saw some good things from this team last year. The team was very solid on the defensive end of the floor, but struggled when it came to scoring the basketball. The pickup of Joe Johnson could be very beneficial to the Jazz by giving them a outside shooting threat on offense. The Jazz have also been rumored to be in talks with Jared Dudley who could also help them with scoring the Basketball.

Johnson averaged 13.4 points for the Miami Heat last season in only 24 games played. The Jazz have struggled with injurys these last few seasons escpecially to there wings. The addition of Johnson can help the Jazz have more depth in those postions if an injury where to occur. Despite Johnson’s size he makes a great guard. He is great off the dribble and can score the basketball better than many other players in the league. Overall I feel this is a great pickup for the Jazz.

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