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Meet The Squad: El Diablo and Slipknot

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“Suicide Squad” will be hitting theaters in just over a month, and will be filled with tons of fun and intriguing characters. This is the fourth part of the six part Meet the Squad series that helps us get to know these characters that will be brought to life.

With a title like “Suicide Squad”, it is a fairly safe bet to say at least one member of the team will not live long enough to see the end credits roll. So with that, we shall take a look at the bottom end of the roster to see two of our potential candidates. One is virtually a given, while the other is my next pick.

In an ensemble type of movie, the spotlight is going to have to be shared. Each character should still get their one big moment however. Unfortunately for one of these two guys below, their most memorable moment in this film, will be their deaths. So it’s time to meet our unfortunate candidates.

El Diablo

Chato Santana, the man known as El Diablo, will be portrayed by Jay Hernandez in the film. The guy is really into fire, and is a little more than your pyromaniac. Diablo actually has pyrokinetic abilities, so he doesn’t need any matches or lighters to have the fun he wants. Yeah, he can just make the fire himself.

In the comics Diablo has a bit of a conscious, as he turned himself in after finding out women and children were injured in one of the flames he created. We do see a shot of him looking contemplative in his cell in some of the trailers. There is also the scene where Deadshot needs to push him to get a huge flame out of him.


That one clip tells me two things about Diablo. First off, this scene will likely be Diablo’s big moment of the film. The Squad will likely need the massive flame to continue on with the mission, so Diablo will be pushed to center stage. This could be what actually saves him at the end of the day, as having a memorable moment means they may not kill him off.

How does that work you ask? Well with a smaller character like Diablo, he is not likely to be given a ton of the memorable moments in the film. Those moments will be reserved for the big names like Harley Quinn, Deadshot and the Joker. And you would imagine if he dies it would be a pretty memorable moment. So if Diablo has this moment earlier in the film, giving the memorable death to someone like Captain Boomerang is certainly possible.

One other thing that I take away from that clip in the trailers, paired with the information I mentioned about Diablo turning himself in in the comics, is he will be very reluctant to use his powers. It certainly seems they are going with a Diablo that does not want to be the center of attention, and truly feels bad for his prior actions. It is a very interesting angle to take for a guy who is truly a bad guy. He certainly seems like a deep character, and one they could have fun exploring further if he lives to see a potential sequel.


Also known by the name Christopher Weiss, he will be played by Adam Beach. He can do a lot of cool stuff with ropes. That’s pretty much it. He is a virtual lock to be the first one killed off.

Given he is not in many of the team shots we see, that fact is pretty well supported. He is likely going to try and escape and it is going to cost him. Expect him to be the example slipknotused when Amanda Waller blows off someone’s head.

Do not expect to get to know him very well. We will likely see him in a cell. Then taken out of his cell and brought to Rick Flag’s camp. Over this time we will likely see a little bit of his temper. Then the Squad will go on their mission, and that is where he will try to escape. And then, boom! Bye bye Slipknot.


So unfortunately for these men, a sequel is by no means a guarantee. Slipknot will be lucky to see the second half of this film. Diablo could to be the guy who dies for the better good of the team, but I think he ends up being spared. One way or another, two members at the least go down for the count over the course of the roughly hour and forty minute movie.

Not every character can be the shining star of a movie. Both men will still get their moments. Slipknot’s may not be what he would hope for, but it will still make for a memorable moment in the film. Being the guy who has his head blown off by Amanda Waller makes his name known at the very least. Diablo will have a big moment as seen in the trailers, so he may get spared. He could easily have his spot on death row taken by someone like Killer Croc or Captain Boomerang.

One thing is a certainty however; someone is not making it our alive. Whether it is one or both of these men, or someone else entirely, a movie named “Suicide Squad” has to see at least one character meet their maker. The grim reaper awaits.

Check back in on Monday, the 4th of July to meet the team’s founder, Amanda Waller.


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