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New York Yankees : What Impact Will Jeter and Soriano Have?

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For fans of the Bronx Bombers, it is nice to have Derek Jeter finally back in the Yankees lineup as New York is battling for a possible wild card berth.

I do not see a division title with both the Boston Red Sox, and the Rays of Tampa Bay doing very well this season. The injuries for the Yankees have really piled up one after another this season. The injury to Jeter was the one that set this Yankees club back a few months.

Coming back from an injured ankle in the playoff series last season vs. Detroit, everyone thought that would be it for Jeter’s career. It would be great if he can lead the Yankees to a wild card berth. Jeter will go down as one of the best shortstops in history, regardless of how this season ends up for the Yankees.

They will have to get over bad pitching at times from there starters like Phil Hughes, CC Sabathia, and others. Also, the offense has really dried up a lot this season, like not scoring a lot of runs. They have been in a lot of close games, and have lost a fair share hopefully Jeter and his mates can get back on track, and pursue a playoff berth.

However, they will have an old teammate coming back to them.

Soriano is back with the Yankees, it has been a while and a couple of teams later. I remember back then when Soriano was traded to the Texas Rangers for Alex Rodriguez. I thought at the time the Yankees gave up too much for Rodriguez.

However, Soriano was not the same player after leaving the Yankees, Soriano’s time with both the Cubs and Rangers was mixed results, at best.

However, he is happy to be back with the Yankees. Soriano will have a chance to play for a contender for the firsttime in almost a decade. His offense will definitely be needed for a 22nd ranked team in overall offense. Plus, the Yankees are sitting in fourth place in the top-heavy AL East.

Only two months left of the 2013 season, will the Yankees make the playoffs?

In the past, the Yankees have only missed the playoffs once within the last 17 seasons. In most years when it looked like, the playoffs were out of reach, they find a way to get in.

Do not bury this Yankees team yet, but time is not on their side. Lets hope both Jeter and Soriano come through for the Yankees once more.

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