Johnny Manziel and the Saints
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Johnny Manziel is looking to return to the NFL. Recent reports have that he has been working out privately. This is in hope to make a return to the league that he spurned for his wild antics. Is there truth to the rumor that he has interest? One team in that rumor is the New Orleans Saints. Here is why this makes perfect sense. The New Orleans Saints and Johnny Manziel would make a good marriage. Why? The answer is two-fold. Head Coach Sean Payton and QB Drew Brees. These two individuals alone can help Manziel get back into the league. Sean Payton is one of the greatest QB coaches in the game. He has worked with some of the best in the game. Drew Bledsoe, Tony Romo, and now Drew Brees. He has seen these guys struggle but kept them on an even keel. He has also seen them at their best. A thing that he might want to take some credit on. Payton could do the same for Johnny Manziel. Therefore, if the coach is willing, he could put Manziel under his wing and teach him right from wrong. Above all, he could teach him how to be an NFL QB. This, of course, is only going to work if Johnny Manziel has truly changed. [Sean] The other person on the New Orleans Saints that can be a mentor to Johnny Manziel is Drew Brees. In fact, Brees is a 16-year veteran of the league. Consequently, he knows what it takes to be successful. He also could take Manziel and lead him in the right direction. Brees would be the perfect superego for Johnny Manziel. In other words, that little angel that sits on Johnny’s shoulder and brings him back to reality. All of this only works if Johnny Manziel has truly changed. Furthermore, if he wants back into the NFL, I believe he can get back. Meanwhile, he has to be willing to listen to direction. Once you are in the league you are no longer a kid who can do as you wish. Of course, there are rules to follow. Both written and unwritten. This marriage could be a thing of beauty. However, unlike a regular marriage, one party will have to work harder than the other does. Do you think Johnny Manziel and the Saints are good for each other? Leave a comment below. Follow Sean on Twitter – @NFLINSC, Instagram – @NFLINSC, Snapchat – @NFLINSC    

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