Bike riding for children has become a growing trend, and for all the right reasons. After all, as a parent, you don’t want your kids to run fingers on their smartphones throughout the day. Bike riding is a fun outdoor activity that your kids can pursue in their free time. Each year, more children are riding bikes, and with it comes more potential hazards on the roads and footpaths.

As a parent, it is integral to educate your kid’s about riding safely on the road. Whether it is a balance bike, BMX bike, or mountain bike, you must ensure that your little ones prioritize their safety over everything.

Here are some essential bike-riding safety tips to think of:

Select the right size of the bike 

If you are gifting your child a motorbike, do not buy any model at random. The brands and manufacturers sell different sizes of bikes, ranging from 12-inch wheels to 24-inch wheels. If the bike you buy for them is too big or too small, they may experience trouble while controlling their ride and injure themselves.

A quick way to find the suitable size of your child’s bike is to look for their feet. The feet should be able to touch the ground with toes on one foot while they sit on the bike. If they lean or tilt and touch the ground, it is not the right size.

Buy a good-quality helmet 

One of the most obvious tips that every parent must watch out for when buying a motocross bike for their little ones is to buy the right helmet along with the bike. Many laws already lay down that both the kids and adults must wear helmets while riding a bike, and you and your little ones must abide by the same.

A full-face helmet covers the entire face, providing them complete protection in case they go through an accident. When you buy a helmet, ensure that it follows all the quality standards. For this, you can check a quality-standard mark present on the helmet. Besides, your child should feel comfortable while wearing the helmet.

Check the equipment 

Before your child takes the bike on the road, cross-check its condition to ensure that everything is working well. Just like you check a car for its brakes, hazard lights, and mirrors, you must check your kid’s motorbike as well. Ensure that the handlebars are working well and turn the wheels without a problem. Cross-check the brakes. Upon finding any problem, take it to the local mechanic or service centre for necessary repairs.

Don’t forget to get them other motorbike gear

Apart from buying them a good-quality helmet, it is equally essential that you buy them other important kids motorbike gear so that they enjoy their ride comfortably and you get less worried about their safety. Some important motorbike gear includes knee pads or safety pads, gloves, eye protection, boots, etc. You can buy these essentials from any online platform at competitive prices. Ensure that the motorbike gear promises quality and durability.

Do not let your little ones wear anything that makes them feel uncomfortable. They must avoid wearing clothing and footwear such as scarves, sandals, and flip-flops at all costs.


Apart from following all the above-listed safety riding tips, it would be best if you also teach your little ones the rules of the roads. Tell them not to over-speed their bike and not hurt anyone while they enjoy their riding experience.

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