Klay Thompson: Klay Delivers K.O. To The Rest Of The NBA!

The 2019 All-NBA Teams were announced and there was an absolute GLARING omission.

An omission that shouldn’t even be one.

Does the name Klay Thompson mean anything to you?

Yes, THAT Klay Thompson. The 60-point in 29 minute having, 14 3-point goal making, 37-point-in-a-quarter having, sharpshooting half of the famed Splash Brothers.

Oh there’s one other thing to add – THREE-TIME CHAMPION!

So NBA, you mean to tell me that all the accolades that he has, his defensive presence, the way he shoots the ball, the way he helps to complete his team, the way he competes, runs, passes, cuts, and helps the Warriors remain champions is not worthy of a spot on the All-NBA team? ANY of them?

Okay, fine. Have it your way.

You know what you just did, NBA? You just helped the Warriors AND Klay Thompson renew their relationship for another five years, AND BEYOND!

How you ask? We’ll just let Klay tell you.

When informed that he did not make the All-NBA team, his response simply was this: “That’s cool and all…but when you go to five straight finals, it takes more than a couple of all NBA members……I’d rather win championships!”

Then a reporter asked a fatal question about how can you let the money implications roll off your back. Klay simply responded: “Rings.”

To a Snowman that speaks to the old school culture that the Golden State Warriors have instituted. Sure they added Andre Iguodala from another team, Kevin Durant from another team, and DeMarcus Cousins from another team, but Klay is a part of the #DubCore and the #SplashBros. He’s one of THE main reasons that the Warriors have done something that only the Boston Celtics have done – which he referred to in one of his responses – appear in FIVE STRAIGHT NBA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES.

Let that sink in remainder of the NBA – The Warriors – whom hardly ANYONE expected to appear as not only a contender, but a champion and – yes it must be said over and over and over again – A DYNASTY – care not about money, not about fame, but their fans, and their culture of WINNING.

And Klay is a part of that. Wait, he’s a BIG part of that!

His responses should have given the rest of the NBA the answer to the rumors that tey have been looking for. And the silent-but-deadly statement is pretty simple: Klay’s not going ANYWHERE and NEITHER ARE THE WARRIORS!

That means more off nights of 15 points followed by a haymaker of 37 point quarters. That means more 3-point shooting records falling at the hands of the Splash Brothers. That means more nights of the NBA being shocked that Klay Thompson very, very well.

For me, this question was answered by his father Mychal Thompson some time back when he said that Thompson intends to finish his career in Golden State.

That means no to the Lakers. No to the Clippers. No to anyone that got it in their minds that the eight-year veteran from Washington State is moving away from Northern California. That means no to the NBA trying desperately to break up the best dynasty to hit the NBA since the Spurs of the 2000s or the Bulls of the 1990s.

That means the NBA will see the Dubs raising flags for quite a while.

And with a shiny new toy called the Chase Center coming in October, it means more championships for #DubNation.

Or to repeat Klay’s word – RINGS!


By Brian Snow

A native of Chicago, the Snowman got bit by the broadcast bug while listening to Jim Durham call the Chicago Bulls, Wayne Larrivee call the Chicago Bears, and John Rooney call the Chicago White Sox. He dropped his first call in 1995 and then it was on from there.

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