In Mid December we caught up with professional soccer player and Bowie Native Koby Osei-Wusu. In order to learn how professional Soccer players in the U.S. are adapting to CoronaVirus. In addition, to learn more details about his playing experiences so far in his career.

What is the soccer scene in Maryland like?

Oh man, it’s crazy. I love being from Maryland especially during the offseason. Since a youth I’ve known so many players from the area that have gone on to play soccer at the professional level. I mean even just in Bowie we got Jacori Hayes and Chris Odoi who both play in the MLS. Then there’s Jeremy Ebo, Gedion Zelalem, Carter Manely, Tobi Adewole, Hugh Roberts, Agwie Chunga, Arion Assue-Sobers, Michael Akinkoye, Tunde Akinlosotu and so many more I could go on. These are all guys I grew up playing with.

Are you looking forward to competing against them in the future?

Haha of course it’s all love. But no doubt on the field I’m not sparing them one bit. I’ve already played against Hugh, Tobi and Carter. It’s always a good battle playing against people you know.

Talk a little about your experience at Richmond Kickers and Orlando City B?

At Richmond I was a Rookie and one of the youngest players. In Orlando I was the Captain and one of the more experienced players. Both situations presented me an opportunity to grow and learn as a player.

What have you learned from experience as a Captain at Orlando City B?

I learned a lot. It definitely helped me mature as a person on and off the field. It taught me how to better deal with my teammates and coaches. Most importantly how to positively influence the people around to help the team succeed. Soccer is really a team sport. It’s the best collective group that’s going to have long term success over the course of the season.

What’s the difference playing in Spain and the United States?

In Spain I would say that the players are a little more technical. The way teams build out the back is also more tactical but usually results in slower game play. The style of game in the U.S. is often faster, more direct and the leagues also generally has more athletic players. I enjoy both styles both countries has helped me improve as a player.

Advice to the youth who want to be a professional?

I would tell kids to enjoy the game. There’s nothing compared to the joy of playing soccer as a kid. I would also tell them to spend as much time with the ball as they can. Lastly, I would say to increase their knowledge of the game as much as they can. The best player on the field at the professional level is not the strongest, biggest or fastest but the one with the sharpest mind

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