Seoul is a big town with a 호빠 variety of bars. When you decide on which check-out locations might be a daunting undertaking for anybody not familiar with the area, have a look at our guideline to assist you to go to some of South Korea’s best 호스트바. This post will also help you select some host bars to look for when searching for any job as a host.

Once In Blue Moon

If you like live jazz, then this is one location you want to see in Seoul. The pub is spread across three floors, each with a distinct kind of music. Once in a Blue Moon, a romantic and private atmosphere offers locals to unlock their creativity before an appreciated audience based on the Blue Moon bars of the United States; they provide local, French and Mexican food. The meal is great(호스트바) in quality, and the service is insignificant.

Korea Beer Exchange

If you are a craft beer fan, you’re not happy with the standard Korean beers. A large assortment of drinks, both tap and bottled, are easily accessible, and employees are quite polite and well familiar with the beverages supplied. The environment is warm and friendly, and the cuisine, to boot, is a great pick. The modest but developing Korean craft beer culture makes the pub a special jewel.

Noxa Lounge

The Noxa Lounge ought to be right on your alley if you desire to sample some Italian wine in a nice environment. Italian cuisine is also available, and employees are proud of their Cosmopolitan cocktail, which is the greatest drink in the city. You must test one to determine if you agree. You must try one yourself.


The first tandoori bar in Korea is Fundoori, which is a great achievement in view of the lack of Seoul’s Indians. Here guests may taste the Indian subcontinent in the Korean Half as they are in a very dynamic and energetic atmosphere while having a good range of handcrafted brews.

Cheeky Kiwi Bar

This charming institution provides a unique backdrop for skippers to soak in in New Zealand. This pub, managed by ex-pats from Kiwi, provides New Zealand wines that are hard to get anywhere else in Korea. You may also grab the unique chance to see rugby and cricket events live on the big screen or have some amazing drinks and spirits.

Bulldog Pub

The Bulldog Pub is a popular destination with both local citizens and ex-pats. It offers a vibrant, inviting atmosphere where people from all over the world can unwind and relax. The personnel engage with foreigners and are happy to help you choose food and beverages. Prices are also fairly affordable, and in a city that cannot be very costly if you’re not cautious, it is surely a plus thing.

Maloney’s Pub & Grill

Maloney’s Pub & Grill should be your favorite place if you are craving a tasty burger and a thirsty beer to drink it off, Maloney’s Pub & Grill should be your favorite place. Here you may discover fast service and a pleasant atmosphere in Itaewon, a tourist-friendly area. Don’t miss if you’re in the vicinity.

Big Rock

This unexpectedly calm sanctuary may be seen in the middle of the busy upscale Gangnam District in Seoul. The ambiance here is North American, and various beers were imported from the USA and Canada. If you are in the mood for a non-Korean night, well worth a visit.


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