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Kristen Stewart: Why She Does Not Belong In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

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One day after reportedly expressing interest in Captain America 3: Civil War, Kristen Stewart could do the unthinkable and join the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In case, you dropped your proverbial drink of choice after that first paragraph, I did not mistype the lede above stating that the former Bella Swan of Twilight fame—or infamy—depending on which side you were rooting for in Team Edward or Wolf-Boy, but if you are a comic book fan, the mere thought—and sight of the stoic-looking former Mrs. Robert Pattinson in the MCU should be enough to induce a Magneto-level stroke.

Not that I am personally bashing Stewart in any way, but this writer is going to keep it one hundred and say that Stewart has the acting range of a wet and damp cardboard box, and would utterly tarnish the multi-billion dollar Marvel empire with her presence.

Yes, I know that this blog will most likely induce a non-stop avalanche of hate mail, comments and snark. You know what I got to say to that? Bring it!

It’s a painful case of reality that not only is Stewart a bad actress—and one of the most overrated in all of Hollywood—but she just doesn’t fit the mold of what Marvel looks for in terms of talent.

Outside of Twilight, name a movie that Stewart has carried—and opened by herself—certainly not her glorified meal ticket that was laden with sparkling vampire hunks and beefcake werewolves, nor Panic Room or Snow White. While her recent roles in Camp X-Ray and Still Alice have expanded her into the indie realm, can you honestly see her in a big-budget Marvel popcorn flick?

Make no mistake, Stewart is her own unique brand capable of bring a whole new demographic of former Twi-hards to the pre-dominantly male viewing MCU, but can she sell herself as a superhero?

Will former Twilight fans be willing and ready to embrace their former heroine in a completely different and alien universe?

It was already a stretch—and pure theatrical torture—in seeing her trademark emotionless blank stare thru five Twilight movies, the question that begs to be answered is whether her devotion legion of fans and Marvel ready to break a new dawn entirely?

What do you think?

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