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Larissa Bartolo: Playboy Playmate and Glamour Model Launching Self-Titled New YouTube Channel

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In what may be the next realm of modeling, Playboy playmate and international glamour model, Larissa Bartolo is taking the next bold step in going online in launching her new self-titled YouTube channel via CelebVM, Larissa Bartolo

Bartolo, a Australian-born, British-based glamour model who has appeared in notable men’s magazines such as Playboy, FHM, Ralph Zoo and the UK-based gossip paper, The Daily Star, has a combined social media following of 230,000-plus across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

In collaboration with CelebVideoMessages, a service that allows on to get personal video messages from celebs, Bartolo’s new channel will gives viewers an in depth insight into not only my life as a model, but the girl behind the camera. I regularly post behind the scenes from shoots, beauty regimes, health and fitness videos and vlogs, where she will be trying new products.

Excited to talk about her new venture, I caught up with Larissa to talk about going Youtube, not being afraid and her plans for the future.

What prompted you to venture into the Youtube vlog genre? Youtube had been one of the most requested things I do in my career, people want to see an insight into my life & what goes into the making of my shoots. I was always quite nervous to get behind a camera and actually film, but since doing it, I must say it’s been one of the most FUN and rewarding ventures I’ve ever gone into! I love my YouTube family already!!

As a successful international glamour model, what is both exciting and thrilling about doing this? Everyday is exciting, because every day is new. There’s always new projects coming up & not knowing what I’m going to be doing tomorrow has all kinds of thrill involved.

Any other new ventures and projects coming up that we should be on the lookout for? Oh yes! You will be seeing my name in lights soon! Haha. I have so many projects coming up, I can’t say too much, but what I can say is that I’ll be announcing them all on my YouTube channel in the upcoming months.

Where are some of the topics that you will cover? I’ll be taking the viewers behind the scenes of my shoots, and I’ll be attempting to do some Vlogs too, as well as inviting you all to my home, showing you the products I use, testing new products and of course a few funny videos thrown in here and there too!

For any other models out there, what advice would you give them about going online and on Youtube? Just jump on and do it! If it’s something you’ve wanted to do for a while, don’t let the camera scare you! It scared me at first & it really showed in the videos. So just trust in yourself and enjoy the ride!

Special thanks to Larissa Bartolo for her time and assistance, please follow her on the web at www.larissabartolo.com on Instagram at @larissabartolo, on Twitter @larissabartolo and on YouTube at www.youtube.com/c/larissabartolo

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