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Avengers: Infinity War Comic-Con Vision
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Does Leaked Avengers: Infinity War Comic-Con Footage Prove Vision Doesn’t Need The Mind Stone?

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Over the course of the last few days, Comic-Con International out in San Diego has been a hotbed of new information and footage for tons of shows and movies. One of the most anticipated panels came on Saturday night, as Marvel hit the stage in H Hall. Fans were expecting to see some new footage from Thor: Ragnarok and Black Panther, which they did in fact get. But it was Avengers: Infinity War that had everyone buzzing.

Marvel opened the panel with a video of Paul Rudd and Michael Pena giving a recap of the MCU to date, which sounded hilarious. This lead to some cast announcements for Ant-Man and The Wasp, including Michelle Pfeiffer and Laurence Fishburne joining the cast. Then we got some concept art and news on the Captain Marvel film, which will star Brie Larson. Oh yeah, we also got a cool new Thor trailer. Footage was shown for the Black Panther film, even though it wasn’t released to the public.

Speaking of footage that Marvel did not release to the public, that brings us back to Avengers: Infinity War. A little over a week ago, Kevin Feige and the head honchos at Marvel showed the first trailer for the third Avengers film at the D23 Expo. That same footage was then played at Comic-Con. However, the Studio did not release it for the public to see.

But luckily for Marvel fans, at least one person did what they were not supposed to. They filmed the trailer and leaked it online for everyone to see. Needless to say, any Marvel fan who is aware of this, has watched it over and over again before it gets taken down.

There is plenty going on as Thanos unleashes havoc on the Avengers and Guardians. But there is one clip in particular that I want to touch on in this article. That would be when we get a glimpse of Vision, in what appears to be some form of cage or jail cell.

Now, it is no surprise that Vision would be on Thanos’ and the Black Order’s radar. He does possess one of the six Infinity Stones in his forehead after all. Loki has the Space Stone. The Nova Corps has the Power Stone. The Collector has the Reality Stone. Doctor Strange has the Time Stone. No one is sure where the Soul Stone is. And Vision has the Mind Stone.

So, as we see Vision behind bars, it is a good bet that the Black Order got to him. They clearly will be ripping the stone from his head, so it can be placed in the Infinity Gauntlet. But the question becomes, have they already done so when we see this clip of Vision?

The clever camera work of the shot leads this writer to believe the answer to that question is yes. If you are watching the footage, notice how the center Vision’ forehead, where the stone would be, is conveniently hidden behind the biggest bars on the cell.

Usually, when this type of camera work is done, it is to help with a dramatic reveal. Well, revealing that Vision is still alive after having the stone taken from him would certainly qualify, as most expect him to “die” if the stone is taken from him. Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen, who play Vision and Scarlet Witch respectively, teased that the Avenger who is not fond of doors and walls would in fact survive.

It is entirely possible that Vision is kidnapped, and then disappears for a good portion of the film. Thanos could then be seen wielding the Mind Stone within the Gauntlet, leading fans to believer Vision is dead. Then later in the film, we get the prison cell scene. At the very end of said scene, he can lean forward enough for everyone to see the giant hole in his forehead.

So while it may seem like an extremely innocent shot within the footage, that quick shot could be very telling if my camera angle theory is in fact correct. While most, myself included, assumed Vision would not survive the film, things might be looking up for his fate.

What do you think? Can Vision survive without the stone? If so, do you think it will change him? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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