winter leggings

They have already been “demonized” by fashion, and, for many people, they should never leave the environment of the gym, but the truth is that leggings can be a beautiful fashion in winter. That’s because, in addition to comfort, this type of winter leggings offers a vast range of combinations when assembling and varying looks.

But, for winter leggings to be suitable even for wearing at work, the secret is to have balance. The correct way to enjoy this piece daily is by opting for more extended and looser details, which contrasts the extremely revealing cut of these pants.

As you will see in the images, we selected, in the correct proportion, the winter leggings look beautiful to go anywhere. Accompanied by the combinations we propose below, it is possible to use this piece to lengthen the silhouette and, if necessary, even hide those extra pounds that wine and fondue from cold days end up bringing us. Of course, to go around rocking, a lot can be used in your wardrobe. But, if necessary, invest in one of these wild pieces for the combination with the winter leggings will leave you safe to vary your looks in a stripped, modern and warm way at the same time. Want to try it?

Long coat

To counteract the winter leggings, a longer piece makes them look beautiful and balanced. A long coat is an excellent example of composition. Together, the pieces lengthen the silhouette.

Maxi blazer

A longer blazer along with winter leggings leaves the look so stripped and, at the same time, so well behaved that it can be used even in the workplace—accessories such as a hat or an oxford shoe help with this modern footprint.

Maxi Vests

Another way to kill leggings outside the gym is to combine the garment with a long vest. In addition to helping to make you warm, the vest is perfect, especially if combined with accessories, such as necklaces, various bracelets, and, of course, stylish glasses.

Pajama jacket

And, for those who suffer to get up on the coldest days, it gives the impression that they are taking a little bit of the bed to the streets with a pajama coat. The stripped piece offers comfort, especially if paired with leggings, in addition to being a trend on the catwalks.

Bomber jacket

Created for the American army in 1917, bomber jackets came back with everything this winter. Although they are shorter than the other options, they look beautiful if combined with textured leggings, for example, especially if the intention is to put together a look for the night.

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