There is a lot to learn and hundreds of opportunities when you start an online business. Even if you are not a beginner in business, you may still need to learn new skills to develop your expertise in online environment.

These are different online businesses anyone can try like creating and selling an online course, writing a business page, or becoming a freelancer. These are simple online business ideas for those who are not very technically inclined.

However, attempting to learn multiple skills at the same time is equivalent to not utilizing any. Very often people think that they need firstly to know everything before starting. People think it is a way of developing themselves when they are researching and learning before initiating.

Most times, by reading business books and learning several online courses we just fool ourselves that we take action. I believe this is procrastinating.

For those who are ready to take action right now, here are some ways to start an online business today and make money online.

Start a blog and content marketing

Yes, it is still possible to make money online with blogging. However, you need to invest time and effort to start a blog. Setting up your first blog would only take you some hours. It is in a matter of months or years when you have invested time and work before you start earning a nice passive income through blogging.

As soon as you make your first cash, it becomes fast and easy to continue earning. Blogging boosts your expertise on specific subject and later you an monetize this authority in many many ways.

Here are the 3 stages to setting up a blog:

  1. Choose your blog and purchase your domain;
  2. Get the correct site hosting;
  3. Build a good design for your blog.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing allows you to earn money while promoting other people’s products. Beginners in online business can try this verified online business idea. An affiliate marketer earns money from the commission of every deal or leads to the product. All you to do is to find a product and promote it.

You can use affiliate marketing to test your knowledge and build your client base as a newbie to online business. As you create a product review that converts, you can see great affiliate deals coming in.

When you discover a product that sells well to your audience, you can then consider making a better version equivalent to the product. Think of affiliate marketing as a market survey you get paid for.

Make money online with surveys and research studies

Another means to make money online is through research studies if you find an online survey to be too challenging. Online research studies will only take about half an hour to finish. You do not need any prior skills or experience to do online research studies.

 Social media management

Do you know with social media marketing, you can change your social media addiction to a productive and lucrative endeavor? Use your Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest pages to earn money online. Every business needs social media marketing to thrive. Most entrepreneurs are either too busy or not too proficient to do social media marketing. You can use this opportunity to make money if you are an expert in creating engaging content on social media.

The most amazing aspect is that social media management gets you prompt cash.



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