What is a Blast Game?

Learning how to play Blast is a very simple game. To start this game, you must first define the bet amount after entering the amount in the “Amount” defined panel; You can optionally define a number as the automatic withdrawal of the bet amount in the panel marked “auto cash out”.

Tip 1

Due to possible problems with internet speed, the use of this panel is highly recommended, but at the same time, if you do not want to use this option, you can define the amount of automatic exit unlimited.

Learn blast games and blast game tricks for free

When you have specified the mentioned options, click on the “place bet” button and wait for the next round of the game to start. At the beginning of the next round, the graph of the game coefficient will turn green. »In this case, the place bet button has been converted to cash out.

By increasing the odds upwards “up to 1000 times the potential increase” pressing the cash out key can multiply the amount of your bet at the same time, in the chart coefficient and multiply your amount, but keep in mind that if the chart incrementer before cach out You will stop moving and get busted, you will lose the entire amount of the bet and you will lose. آموزش نحوه بازی انفجار و ترفندهای بازی انفجار برای برد 300 میلیون تومان

Win the blast game

For example, if you enter the bet with 1000 Tomans, if you press the cash out key when the chart coefficient is 5 x, you will have 5 thousand Tomans, but if the cash out increment of the chart before stopping, your bet amount will be zero. Do not be fair This game is designed and works based on a mathematical algorithm.

What is the best blast game site?

In the first step, you must register in the best reputable site of the explosion game. Below, we will introduce the top explosion sites to you.

آموزش بازی انفجار و ترفندهای بازی انفجار رایگان

And in the second step, the profitability of this game for many people was not yet clear. But over time, as users realized the profitability of Blast Game, the game also found its place between casino games and betting. In order to introduce this game to the users, various betting sites, by offering many bonuses, helped to increase the users of this game.

After that, users quickly learned how this game works by gaining experience. This game is so profitable that it has been able to attract a large audience. And today it is considered one of the most popular games available on betting sites. This game has several versions and versions.

List of best blast game sites

We all know that new betting sites and online casinos are launched every day and offer many options to players, but there is a problem, which of the new casinos offer the best facilities to players? Which one is valid enough? Answering these questions requires expertise and our team has the ability to find the best online casino sites in the following order:

1- Idol smoking site

2- Wolf Idol site

3- The site of the idols

4- EBT 90 site

5- Hot Idol site

6- Lati Bat site

7- Iran Pola website

We have placed the link of the best blast game site at the bottom of this article, the green bar of the option (enter the betting site). Click to enter the top blast game site and register. And with the following tutorials, you can earn high millions.

Different parts of the explosion game

To win the explosion game, you must be fully acquainted with all parts of the explosion game:

Explosion game chart

Learning how to play the explosion The main part of the explosion game that you will see as soon as you enter this game, is its diagram. In fact, during the game, you should pay full attention to this chart and the number on it. And based on your prediction and guess when the number and chart reach the number you want, show proper performance.

Betting panel

The betting panel consists of 3 sections. The first part is the part through which you can specify the amount. The next section is where the security factor can be specified. And the last part is where you can participate in the game or exit by clicking on it.

آموزش بازی انفجار و ترفندهای بازی انفجار رایگان

Blast Game History

Learning how to play the explosion The history of the game is the part where all the coefficients presented in the game are placed. And you can have a general access to all the coefficients.

Chat online Game Blast

In this section, you can talk and consult with other users in the game.

List of blast game users

In the list of users, the names of all users who participate in the game are displayed, along with their bet amount and profit and loss.

Is blasting fair?

Learning how to play The explosion of coefficients is determined before the start of the game and can not be changed during the game. “This number will be stored on the server until the end of the game and will not be shown to you.” This means, for example, that the site cannot cheat and manipulate the result of the game during the game, and for example, stop moving as soon as possible in order to lose more players and make more profit itself. The coefficients are generated randomly before each hand.

In fact, in this process, the MD5 cryptographic mechanism is used. First, a string value is generated. This value is encrypted by the MD5 algorithm and sent to players before the game starts.

The principle of the explosion game algorithm

The principle of the explosion game algorithm is the formation of these coefficients, which must be accessed by any other person or robot to these coefficients. These coefficients are generated and converted randomly each time, and by knowing these relatively simple rules and regulations, you can increase your chances of success until you become a professional user and win millions.

What is the MD5 multiplier game algorithm?

“The MD5 algorithm is a one-way cryptographic algorithm, meaning that the original value cannot be obtained from the encrypted expression.” Finally, after the end of the game, the string value “from which the coefficient can be evaluated” is sent to the players and they can do this process manually and confirm its accuracy.


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