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Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Preview (video)

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What a wild ride season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow was. From a show that barely made it out of season 1, season 2 kicked it into high gear. We saw them break their own rule of time travel, meet the Justice Society of America, and did they really use the blood of Christ? It’s safe to say if they going to use some of the timeline, they might use it all. After that kind of season, where do the writers go from here? Can we see more cameos with other classic DC heroes? When we last left our band of misfit heroes, it appeared they had destroyed the timeline as we know it. What will the fall out be, and if they’ve destroyed time will it have any effect on their shared universe?


From SDCC, the trailer shows off a great deal fall out. But what about the one main time travel element the show is forgetting? In every time travel show from the start, there’s always been course correcting. Whenever time has been altered in any way, the universe would do all it could to correct either what is or what should be. If the Legends did that much damage to the timeline, will it eventually spell trouble for them or will they eventually have to fix the world themselves? It looks as if season 3 will be about putting everything back together in its rightful place in time. So who would want to stop them and why?

Legends of Tomorrow is back in October, and with the trailer, there definitely seems to be no shortage of new faces on the show and maybe some older ones. Rumors of Wentworth Miller’s Captain Cold have been circulating if not confirmed to the show. How do they bring him back and will it be full time? Season 3 looks to be shaping up as their best yet. If the trailer is any indication of what is to come, we should see a fun little spectacle of adventure spread out through different eras. Sure they’ve traveled through many ages before, but this season looks as if there’s more pomp and circumstance rather than just droning on through their missions. Hopefully, it brings a more fun and energetic excitement to a show that is often too straight forward. Maybe in season 3, we finally get a bit more personality out of our Legends similar to the sidekicks of counterparts Arrow and The Flash.

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