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Mental health is for weak people, just a bunch of attention seekers, she’s cookoo, he’s a weirdo….

I hear these statements rolling off peoples tongues on a daily basis but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Welcome to my fortnightly column, #LetsTalk where I will be discussing many general life matters including mental health from my own personal experiences.

My name is Grace J Teal and I am an English-based model and a social media influencer, and I have worked with a number of magazines, newspaper, featured in music videos and clothing brands, but I also take time to campaign and talk about mental health across my social media platforms to raise awareness.

Coming from a background where mental health has affected myself directly and my family in a number of ways it is something close to my heart.

At a young age, I suffered the loss of my grandfather who became a victim of suicide, and still till this day, the tragedy of his death has never really been spoken about. The shock has always remained within the family and there will forever be questions that will always be left unanswered.

Depression can be a secret killer, this condition can spiral out of control and take over your mind, body and soul, make you act and do things you never would have thought of doing.
Men have a higher suicide rate than women it’s a known fact.

I think this is because men are good at hiding their emotions because of the pressures of maintaining masculinity and strength, because of this behaviour pain is often ignored, bottled up and never discussed.

Behind a smiling face and a materialistic life there maybe a world of pain and sadness, we don’t always project our true feelings and emotions and tend to put on a front for the world. I myself have done this many times as it seems the easier option to do than confronting your issues.

We need to open our eyes and stop stereotyping depression it isn’t always the person locked away in their house drinking heavily living an irrational lifestyle, it’s the people you walk past everyday in the street and say morning to.

If you are struggling with depression please talk to someone, whether it’s friends, family, doctor or a councillor it doesn’t matter… talking really helps to relieve the pressure in your head.

There are many organisations out there willing to help and talk 24 hours a day 7 days a week so please don’t feel like you are on your own. Feel free to check these two well known organisations out on Twitter and how to get in contact with them for support.

Samaritans at @samaritans ‬| MindCharity @MindCharity


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